Are you a savvy mom who loves tea?! Then get $30 of tea for $15!

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Hey All,

We hope you enjoy are teas! Wooo hoo! I’m so glad that this plum district opportunity opened up a chance for people to try our teas :)

Also we just want to apologize with the fine print about free shipping…

In any case, steep away! And if you want to see something cool we just put up for tea lovers check out our NEW “Know Page”!

Steepster friends are the first to see!

Sipping on some Tiramisu rooibos!
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I truly can’t wait to try your teas. I have been waiting a long time to order but if they are as good as your white tea brownies I am sure I am sure I will be satisfied.

amandajo said

Tiramisu Rooibos? Someone is trying to be tempting… and its working…

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I was late putting my order in (went on a trip just after buying the gift certificate so I wouldn’t have been here to get the package!) but here’s what I got (all 1oz sizes):

Dessert Oasis
Autumn Melody
Red Moon
Spring Harvest
Geisha Beauty
Tiramisu Rooibos
Pineapple Rooibos

Can’t wait to try them all!

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