Once it was seen, it had to be purchased! (tea)

I would like to open a discussion about tea/s that were automatic buys once you saw it/them.

This thread will easily contribute to the depleting out of my bank account :)

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Today I was browsing the internet and accidentally came across this and it was an automatic purchase without a thought. The tea name alone was enough but then the photography… a must buy for myself.
(You’ll notice it’s sold out… blame me ;P )

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gmathis said


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Oh I saw this and almost bought it earlier in the week! I think it was even in my cart. I can’t wait to hear how it is! They have some other very interesting blends.

Here is one that got me. .


I know some people who would love that!

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sren said

Andrew, are you buying tea from Canada while you are in Asia? You crack me up!

Yeah… well, when you browse the internet at night who knows what will happen.

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Uniquity said

I don’t think I’ve ever had that experience. Plenty that I wanted upon sight, and some that I ogled and obsessed about and ultimately purchased, but I am reluctant to spend money and grew up very poor so I almost never make an impulse purchase.

I do like watching everyone else do it though! For me, I tend to be disappointed when I buy something impulsively. I like a bit of time to evaluate if I really want/need it or if it was a whim. I’m STILL debating living room furniture!

Ditto. I usually wait a month to see if it still catches my eye. Or I wait for a sale. I miss out on a lot of things that way. But I figure, hey, I’m still living without it!

I totally second the buyers remorse you have. It only happens when I do that impulsive thing. I have so many scraps of paper with pro/con lists on them! Even for tea!

I need to learn this discipline.

Boo! That’s no fun. Get it my man!

I am much the same, the only time I ever allow myself impulse purchases are at thrift stores and yard sales, because that thing will be gone and no time to debate over it!

But I always enjoy watching the happiness of others when they get to splurge on something fancy on impulse!

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Tealizzy said

I usually have things I’ve been wanting for awhile, and when the perfect opportunity arises, I grab it. For example, I’ve been interested in wuyi oolongs lately and Verdant released three last week, so I went for it!

Also, there may have been an impulsive buy today regarding Jian shui teapots…. ;)

Ooh, which one?!

Tealizzy said

Um, might have been more than one…


Tealizzy said

Ya. :) I’ve been eyeing their pots for some time. I don’t have any clay pots yet. No yixing, no Jian shui, and these were a great shape and size and reasonable price. I ordered these two:

Uniquity said

I’m loving the black ones. I wish you many happy pots of tea. :)

Tealizzy said

Thanks, Uniquity!

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Someone look at this and decide it has to be bought… and then send me a sample :p

I’m tempted. . . .

Please!!! I am on a search for a good blackberry tea- I’ll split it with you and say that I impulse bought it still :p
From the packaging to the idea of what it is put together is very appealing along with the fact that it is from the UK.

I’ll let you know when it comes in. :)

I try to use this thread to find hidden wonders that were automatic buys as a trap for myself to fall into and end up causing someone else to purchase something…
I will save you a cup of the caramel blackberry pu-erh then!

You are awesome! Thank you!!

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Reki275 said

I went on a trip for a Comic Expo on the weekend, and visited their local tea shop. They imported Sakura Sencha! (not the fake cherry flavored stuff, but with real Sakura blossoms) it was a bit pricey, but a great opportunity, so I totally took it. They also had Pu-Erh stuffed tangerines, so I had to grab one of those too, along with a couple more regular teas.

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