Exclusive Steepster Offer!

Happy weekend to all tea lovers!

It’s been a while since we gave you guys an exclusive steepster offer. So, if you place an order with us this weekend and quote “steepster” in the order comment box then we’ll send you a roulette of 5 random samples for free! It is the weekend after all…..

Check out www.bluebirdteaco.com and make sure you get your order in before Mon 27th.

Happy tea loving!


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Uh oh. I see sprinkles. I might be in trouble.

British people, what are “hundreds and thousands”?

I was thinking the same thing, SPRINKLES!

If you want to go in together to hit free shipping, let me know. I’ll be mailing you things anyway.

Sounds like a plan. I’ll PM you.

If you would like more help. I’d jump in if you got one of the two teas I’m looking at.

PM me which ones you want since I’ll be sending you a few things anyway. :)

beelicious said

Hundreds and thousands are small round sprinkles :)

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Love Bluebird! Though I’m happily well stocked up on Bluebird teas at the moment. :D

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Just a little bump to remind you to get your orders in over the next few hours to take advantage of free samples!

Hi! I emailed yesterday but you could you follow me so I can PM you? I have a question about shipping, Thanks!

Hi Nichole. Sorry that email is only usually checked Mon – Fri but I just hunted out your email and replied!

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sren said

Your teas look wonderful— I went for some sampler sets, plus Hot Cross Buns— who could resist that?

Note to self: Must. Stop. Placing. Orders.

Thanks Sren!

sren said

Box came today— that was quick to the west coast! And soooo many samples! The 10-cup size! I am so excited I don’t know where to begin…

Awesome – sounds like it was a good deal! :D

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