Looking to find a new home for one of my personal cakes!

There is 287 grams left on this cake. It was stored in exceptional conditions, is very aromatic, and totally ready to drink! I’m selling this cake because I was personally not a fan of it. Some people enjoy it but I’m not one of them :-P Hoping to find a good home for this cake!

US buyers only please!

Reviews can be found here: http://steepster.com/teas/menghai-tea-factory-obtained-from-mandala-tea/30108-357-gram-menghai-jade-luster-2007

Can be obtained here for a small rehoming fee ;-)


Doesn’t bite and is full of life! :-P

Tea and love,

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Canadian buyers need to pay actual shipping cost if you want it. You can go ahead and check out with it and I’ll invoice you the difference :)

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Yum! Thanks for the offer!

No worries, thank you for grabbing it, and I do hope you enjoy it! :-D

I’ll toss in samples of my shou’s too. Have you had either of them? http://whisperingpinestea.com/puretea/great-lakes.html

I’ve had your Ontario shou, it’s quite different than my usual hei cha I drink more regularly! It’s nuttier and very chill. Thank you once again! 。◕‿◕。

Awesome, will look through your reviews and see if I have anything else that sounds like you’d like :-)

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awwww I was too late :/

I’d say there’s always next year buuuut there’s not. :P Sorry! haha

hahahah xD

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