Fair Trade Month/Autumn Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! I hope this note finds you all well! I just wanted to notify you all that I am hosting another giveaway on my blog, Expanding Leaves! This time there will be two prizes for whomever wins, one from me and one from LeafSpa Teas, who is the sponsor of this giveaway! The giveaway ends on Saturday at 2pm EST.

I hope you all enter! Have a great night!

here is the link to the giveaway! http://bit.ly/cxvGjT


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Totally excited about this. The LeafSpa guys are super nice. With my first order sometime ago there were some issues with packaging. I E-Mailed them about it and BAM they fixed it all and then some. Amazing service! I haven’t yet ordered more since I bought a lot to behind with but look forward to see what the 6 tins will be for the giveaway. Of course if I don’t win I totally recommend doing business with LeafSpa you won’t be disappointed with the tea or service. :-)

I completely agree! I have had nothing but good experiences with LeafSpa!

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Meghann M said

Thanks for the giveaway!

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