dropping things in your tea

have you ever dropped something into you tea you really didnt want to, or used the wrong spoon to mix it?

just today i had a plop of dog food fall into my mug at work (i work at a dog kennel) and on a really busy school morning i used the spoon i scoop my cats wet food out of the can to mix my sugar in my tea…i didnt realize it untill i took a sip x.x

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Mike admin said

Haha…oh no! Can’t say I’ve ever done anything quite so extreme. I feel for you though!

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Carolyn said

I don’t drop too much into tea cups but I’m really bad about dropping full, burning hot tea water into my lap.

Cofftea said

Me too! I’m always sitting so that happens a lot.

ive had that happen too many times! when i make tea i always make my fancee a mug too so its uaully i spill 2 hot mugs of sugary tea on myself. ive also poured the kettel on my hand once by not paying attention to what i was doing.

I burned myself pretty bad when I was sitting on a bed and tried pouring water straight from the kettle into my mate gourd. Missed by about an inch, and it took me a few seconds of shock to un-tilt the kettle so it stopped pouring directly on my hand.

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Linda said

One of my co-workers had part of her clothing fall into my tea. Yucky, yucky, yuck. Made new tea.

ewe yeah i would have made a new cup too. thankfully today i was at mt last 2 sips before the dog food ruined it lol so not much was lost

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I’ve had strands of dog hair fall into my tea from time to time…
Three dogs in the house, two are large, and one of those two sheds frequently. Dog hair gets everywhere – it’s something you get used to. I kinda missed my clothes being covered in it when I went away to college…

aww! yeah i know the feeling, except i have a long haired cat who sheds constantly due to her sever anxiety of me leaving so i have long black and white furs in and on everything :)

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Harfatum said

I used to intentionally drop almonds into my tea as it was steeping. It gives the tea a nice flavor, and the almond taste changes too. Worth a try sometime.

mm that sounds delicious! i love almonds <3

Cofftea said

I love almond flavored teas, but soggy whole almonds?

I make a black chai with slivered almonds. Delicious!

Shanti said

Mmm, that sounds yummy (chai with almonds). Not sure what the fuss about “soggy almonds” is about though…

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Cofftea said

Idk if this counts, but I put 2 scoops of matcha instead of one in my half bowl of matcha this morning.

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spohkh said

About two minutes ago I was pouring from my pot into my cup and the lid of the pot fell into the cup. I had just finished doing laboratory work and couldnt remember if I had washed my hands before touching the pot. I drank the tea anyway because it was oh so good =)

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I am perfect and nothing like that has ever happened to me.
Oh, except once I accidentally put some Japanese Sencha in my teapot. A very bad expereince.

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tease said

Sometimes, if you really want an extra kick, dropping in some ginger (sugared and cubed) can be the spice you’re looking for!

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Lynxiebrat said

Luckily this has not happened to me, yet. I am surprised because I tend to be quite a klutz.

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