Ordering from David's tea

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Feisty said

I’ve had their Pumpkin Chai made in the store and it was alright, if not spectacular. I have a bag of their Coco Chai Rooibos and I definitely like it, and recommend it to anyone who likes an interesting and boldly spiced chai. Caffeine free too!

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Beckara said

I own an embarrassing amount of David’s Tea. Buttered Rum & Read My Lips are two of my favourites, but I’d also suggest Cocoa Chai Rooibos, Cocoa Paradiso and Forever Nuts!

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Shmiracles said

ummm, don’t hate me but …i’m gonna resurrect this thread!! :)

does anyone have any NEW FAVORITE teas from davids that they wanna cheerlead for?!
cuz my mouse is hovering over the ‘checkout’ button, and i don’t wanna miss out on the bests of the best.

bring it on!

Cedes said

My 2 favorite teas from hthem are red velvet cake amazing sweet tooth tea and strawberry rhubarb parfait omg soo good!

Uniquity said

Some of my faves (most aren’t new, but still noteworthy!):
-Three Wishes (but be careful not to use boiling water as there is green tea)
-Wild Black Yunnan (expensive but superb)
-Santa’s Secret
-Read My Lips
-Chocolate Rocket
-Oh Canada
-Pineapple Oolong

Most of my favourites were seasonal teas which have been long discontinued, sadly.

Shmiracles said

thanks Cedes! i probably will skip the strawberry only because i’m not a hibiscus fan, but i will DEFINITELY get red velvet MMmmmm. sounds like a winner.

Shmiracles said

oh Uniquity! my sister loves loves Three Wishes. and i was considering Oh Canada already. i cannot tell you how much time i spend reading the ingredients on the DavidsTea site then clicking back to Steepster and reading reviews and trying to decide back and forth what sounds good, so your guidance is appreciated indeed.
i’ll look them all up. and probably splurge on the Wild Black Yunnan too!

My current favs are:
Pumpkin Chai
Chocolate Chilli Chai
Birthday Cake (this one is really similar to Oh Canada though)
Sleigh Ride
and if you’ve never had Chocolate Rocket, it is my all time fav.

My favorites are:
-Love Tea #7
-Pumpkin Chai
-Mom’s Apple Pie

Sooooo good!!! Personally, I think that Buttered Rum and Read My Lips are overrated. They’re still good, just not OMG amazing!

Shmiracles said

it’s true, i’m placing the order first and foremost so i can get a timolino and the pumpkin chai.
it seems that apple pie is out of stock at the moment. but i did just add Chocolate Rocket and Love Tea to my cart. Thanks so much for the suggestions ladies :)

Uniquity said

Sometimes I wish I had a smartphone so I could look up reviews on teas when I’m at the store, I rely so much on Steepster guidance. I find many of the new DT blends to be over-rated, but I’ve been drinking their stuff for three years nonetheless and I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t love the new stuff.

OMG!! Steepster REALLY needs to make an app!!! I just got the new iPhone 5 and it’s my first smartphone. I’m in love! Really need a Steepster app though. Like badly.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Forever Nuts!
I really want to try Merry Cranberry
Lime Gelato is excellent iced
Banana Nut Bread

Shmiracles said

haha ikr! i even emailed untappd and told them to make a tea app. begged them to!

because steepster already has the database, and also they’d easily have a huge fanbase of tea drinkers that would probably happily pay for an app.

Ricky admin said

+1 for Steepster iPhone app!

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