Wine Teas origin?

I’ve seen several companies now carrying what looks to be the exact same line of wine-infused teas, and thought I’d crowd-source to see if anyone on Steepster knows where they’re coming from.

Specifically: Praise Tea and Red Leaf Tea both have a Cabernet Rooibos, David’s Tea and Red Leaf both have a Marsala black (although one claims the base is Indian, the other says it’s Chinese, they sound the same) and all three have a White (Raspberry) Champagne and a Cabernet Assam. Some links (I think the teas look the same, as well):

Does anybody know who the original source is? Red Leaf has the largest selection, but I don’t believe they blend their own or offer wholesale, so I’m thinking there may be a separate wholesale company I haven’t found…

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@Teabird – there are a total of six wine infused tea blends. The blends are ordered via wholesale from a direct importer. As of yet, there aren’t many companies who carry them or even know of them. So far, they are a rarity.

We at Praise Tea have only chosen to carry three of them, with a slight variation in the name. The flavor profiles are: White Raspberry Champagne; Sonoma (white tea); Silician (white tea); Assam Cabernet; Marsala (black); Shaman’s Secret (rooibos).

Hope this answers your question.

Cofftea said

Please carry the other 3!:)

Yes, thanks for the reply!

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@Cofftea – we will consider that request. @teabird – you’re welcome.

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Evil Laugh Not to pooh-pooh the wine teas (and yes, I know who is blending them [edit: and they produce quality blends]), but wait till you see what we are doing next week. Full blown Vincent Price “Thriller” laugh! =D

Cofftea said

This better not be a late release week- I’m way too interested and getting impatient already lol …That being said I know you are insanely stressed and busy this week.

Jaime said

Hard liquor tea?!

A whiskey sour blend would be really nice…

Meghann M said

ooohh…the suspense. Alright, Frank, you convinced me to wait on my orderings and see what you’ve come up with!

Great laugh to choose just in time for Halloween….here’s a link if you want a refresher. You can find ANYTHING on the interwebs:)

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