Splitting 2015 Chinese Teas

I have been contacting tea farms looking for 2015 tea samples and got a response from a representative at a tea farm in China who is willing to send samples for a flat rate. However, the amount of tea in the samples is more than I want.

I’m not sure if all these teas are correctly translated but they are: wuyi rock tea, shuixian, rougui, dahongpao, qilan, beitou, huangguanyin, and queshe
I am actually going to pick the 7 teas… I’ll know within a few days what they are
Each package is 24g of tea and I’d like to split it three ways.

8g x 7 teas = $10 shipped US

There would be a wait time for shipping from China and I’m only ordering the one set so there is only space for two people besides me.

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I’ll jump in on this. Thanks!

Awesome. They don’t have a website, so I will just have to forward all the information over to you. One of the teas I picked out is jinjunmei because I want to try some 2015 spring golden tea :)

Sounds good!

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Equusfell said

If no one else objects, I would join the tea party as well! But I would be willing to give up my spot for someone with a more cultured palate (since I’m so new that I haven’t really heard of these varieties!); if there is more interest, I am perfectly fine with bowing out!

No worries, I haven’t heard of the majority of them either but I am looking forward to trying them. The idea that I can email tea farms and get local fresh tea is quick awesome :)

Worst case of objection is you get nothing :P, however 4g x 7 teas isn’t a small amount if someone decides to split with you.

I will keep you posted.

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This sounds great! I’ve been looking into the new harvests! You already have my email, so once you get the info hit me up :)

You get to have the pleasure of working something out with Equusfell :)

I’m only establishing my relationship with this tea farm as of right now so I’ll only have 24g of each tea- 16g of each tea which I’m willing to split with others so I can get more feedback and share.

hahahah oh didn’t realize the three way split xD It’s alright, I’ll pass this one up :)

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