Teemuseum, Norden, Germany

Has anyone ever been to this museum, and/or had real Ostfriesen Tee in northeastern Germany? I’m thinking of going this August. (Yes, I have read this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/24/travel/in-northern-germany-a-robust-tea-culture.html?_r=0)

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Hm, I guess not! Well, does anyone want me to pick up some East Frisian tea for them if I go?

Is it actually a tea? I thought it was just a way of serving tea.

Yes, it’s a blend of black teas. Harney and Upton carry their own versions.

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yes, I go there quite often. I travel up and down to Leer quite often. (I live nearby, in the Dutch Frisian province), easy train connection. I pick up kilos Ost friesen tee every time…. :)
Try Onnon Berends or Thiele Tee. You have the normal blend and the ‘Sunday’ version with vanilla….
(mix varies, depending on which area you are (soft/hard water)
and yes, I too drink my tea with whipped cream and rock sugar :)

here is the teamuseum in Leer http://www.leer.de/index.phtml?NavID=1778.252&La=1 it’s bit further south from Norden, but with easy train/bus connections. :)

… and you can get the Ost friesen Tee in every supermarket or Teeladen (Teahouse)…

enjoy your stay!

Sandra, thanks so much! Tige tank!

Sandra, one more question, sorry — there are TWO tea museums? This is the one in Norden: http://www.teemuseum.de/home/

Yes, there are 2, the one in Leer being the most popular/well-known. They even have tea statues, so would advice to visit both. And visit any tea shop (Teeladen) you see, people are very nice and would love to tell you more, and have you drink more tea :) and giving tips where to go next (to get more tea lol)

Thanks, Sandra! This is all so helpful!

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