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I am very new here but I’d like to try something out… If someone has already done this and the thread is still active please tell me and I will delete. This also may not be kosher with forum rule #2 – I am only trying to better my ability to taste teas and would like to bounce ideas off of people – but I understand if that is not okay.

I have not got the money to put toward tea sommelier classes (I wish I did) but recently, I started a tea cupping journal. I’m not very good but I try to be as professional as possible. I was wondering if anyone wanted to start too or if you already have, perhaps select a few entries to write on this thread. Perhaps we can provide constructive criticism for each other and build skills. I can type out my guidelines and rating system on here pending positive feedback. Thank you!

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*What to Journal in a Tea Tasting

i) Details of tea- variety, harvest year, vendor, storage, production area
ii) Brewing parameters- quantity, water temperature infusion time
iii) Brewing vessel
iv) Brewing Method
v) Appearance of Dry Leaves
vi) Aroma of Dry Leaves
vii) Aroma of Lid after infusion
viii) Liquor Color
ix)Aroma after a minute or so- compare with vii)
x) Initial taste of tea
xi) Texture and mouth feel
xii) Emergence of huigan (recurring sweetness) if any
xiii) Lingering after taste
xiv) Aroma on cup after the tea is consumed
xv) Aroma of wet leaves
xvi) Evaluate if brewing adjustment is needed
xvii) Re-infuse and repeat vii) to xv) while recording infusion time for each or adjustments to water temperature or quantity of leaves (if applicable)
xviii) Appearance of wet leaves*

I got this from a website a little while ago - I’ll look for it when I have some extra time - but I rearranged some things and made a print out of this (plus a bunch of other guidelines/lists I didn’t want to spam you guys with)

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