Looking for Tea Suggestions

I’m fairly new to tea – I’ve only really been drinking it for about a year. Because of this, I’m not very familiar with different types or blends.

I’m saving my pennies for samples, and I’m looking for suggestions. I prefer “true” teas (white, green, and black), and I’m a bit of a sucker for flavoured blacks. I love smooth flavours, and I also have a soft spot for sweet teas. :)

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LauraR said

Hi Ashley…most companies offer sample sizes anymore. As far as pure tea goes, I really like the sample program that Chicago Tea Garden offers. Somewhere on here is a thread regarding free sample offers. I know that Teas Etc will send you three free samples, for example. Some other companies that I order from regularly that do sample sizes are The NecessiTeas, Tea Guys, American Tea Room, to name a few. You can also watch for swaps and giveaways on here. Further, if you want to follow me and email me, I can put together a sample package for you in the next few few weeks and will send it to you (you just pay for shipping). I have more tea than one human can reasonably drink.

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I love Harney & Sons flavored blacks, most of which they offer in sample sizes. http://steepster.com/teas/harney-and-sons?sort=popular
Teafrog has a nice sample program too: http://www.teafrog.com/files/buildyourown.html
Herbal Infusions (whose site appears to be down at the moment http://www.herbalinfusions.ca/ ) is another place I’ve gotten good samples from.

For greens, definitely try the Den’s Tea Novice sampler – it’s free! (with $3 shipping, but they’ll give you a $3 discount on your first order over $15) http://www.denstea.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=377_386

Keep an eye on the Discussion threads here, too! Companies and individuals post offers and giveaways sometimes.

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Caitlin said

My favorite flavored black is probably earl grey creme from art of tea – they have very generous sample sizes. I also really have enjoyed the fruit flavored black teas from thepuriTea and they have a flavors sampler. Also all of adagios teas come in sample sizes, I really enjoy their caramel black tea.

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I must suggest the following teas since I love them dearly;

Chicago Tea Garden – Zealong
ThePuriTea – Mango Black
Life In Teacup – Tie Guan Yin traditional charcoal roast

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