LuckyMe said

Is iced tea good for you?

Interesting information from Dr. Weil, who is also a tea aficionado himself:

I didn’t know that pouring hot tea over ice destroys the antioxidants in tea. He recommends brewing hot tea and chilling it instead to retain tea’s health benefits. I’ve began making iced tea this way and prefer the taste to cold-brewed tea and hot tea over ice. I give fresh brewed tea a quick blast in the freezer to help it cool down faster and then stick it in the fridge.

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Uniquity said

I think it is interesting that the first sentence is “Iced tea is an American phenomenon.” I think that sweet iced tea may be, but cold tea is not that unusual in the rest of the world. I live in Canada and my co-worker is a house Mom to international students. Her Japanese student is a huge iced tea drinker – but is very frustrated that in Canada it is pre-sweetened. I have pointed out that she can DIY it but according to her, iced tea is common in Japan (just without sweetener).

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iced tea (non sweetened) is pretty common here too. I make it from hot tea and leave it in the fridge overnight. (I use lemon tea, mango tea, or rooibos tea). It’s cheap and easy and yum :)

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Brian said

sun brewed Lipton with about two cups of simple syrup. Thats the american way. :-P

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Brian said

yea. Tea isnt going to cure cancer or anything. But it sure makes me feel good when i drink it.

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AllanK said

Someone I met from New Zealand had never had iced tea and I remember his words to this day, “Iced Tea, that’s just wrong”. I think that iced tea certainly was something of an American Phenomenon but is becoming less so today.

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jpr54_ said

this is a copy of a post on chowhound which might interest ice tea drinkers here

“enbrooklyn” about 2 hours ago

Dear all,

Sorry to jump in a conversation here bUt I thought you may be interested !

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I would love to meet a New Yorker iced tea lover for a couple of hours to spend some time with me one afternoon exploring the cities best places for iced teas. All expenses are on ion the production naturally, transportation, lunch and teas.

To give you some details, for the purpose of that short filmed segment, I am looking to interview someone who drinks iced teas on a regular basis, who we could maybe film at home but not necessary, who can talk about his/her taste and who would help us “discover” a few places in New York where he/she enjoys to drink his/her favorites iced teas or discover new products (whether it is natural, home-made, artisanal or even industrial brands…).

Could that person be you? I’d love to talk to you over the phone to start with.
My cell is 347 7881 6332

My references, if you wish to learn more about me and my work.

Thanks a lot for time and sorry for the inconvenience with this message !
Warm regards,

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