A Conversation I Started in Chatzy...

So I was in Chatzy and an idea came to me so I discussed it with a few people and I would like to know your thoughts about this:

I’ve observed via Instagram/Steepster how awesome tea subscriptions are from companies and have contemplated which one I would like to join but I found the issue of size to be off-putting to the type of tea drinker I am. Is there anything wrong with entering an agreement between three individuals to split subscriptions each month?

I really like the subscriptions I’ve seen from Yunnan Sourcing, Golden Tips, Curious Tea, and White2Tea but as I said before the size is too much. Personally, 50g of tea is awesome but I do lose interest quickly with taste of teas which isn’t ideal because I would like to have a tea I enjoy enough to keep a larger amount of.

So what kind of issues might you see with this? Say, two people are willing to join me and subscribe to different subscriptions and split them three ways.

I figured that within the states it would cost roughly $6 to ship out a portion to a person ($5 for shipping and $1 for material)
So it would be the subscription cost + $12 for shipping to two people, but you’d receive 1/3rd of the subscription from two other subscriptions.

I’m curious because I just can’t find it to be in my budget to afford three subscriptions at around $65 a month (this would be around $25 + $12 or so and provide more variety/exposure)

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Tealizzy said

I think it could work with some of the subscriptions with relatively stable amounts of tea, but just know it would have been hard to split up white2tea’s April teas, as they were tiny amounts of expensive teas. I think OMGsrsly had trouble splitting up that month with another steepsterite.

Uniquity said

A way around that is maybe to share with people who have opposite tastes? Like I only like blacks, shou, roasted oolong and select sheng. So if I paired up with someone who liked greens/whites/green oolong/sheng then we could split things more easily.

good call uni. I get simple loose leaf and they sent a whole bunch of teas last month that I didn’t like, so I ended up giving them to someone else. It might not always be an even tradeoff though. Maybe when you know what the teas are, you can ask who wants to split what and pay accordingly?

Uniquity said

That’s true. I think you would want to be friends with them from the outset so you don’t get into squabbles. Or not friends, in case you both want the same thing and get in a big fight!

I like a good challenge… but maybe what I take from this is that I should obtain new tea friends.

boychik said

Agree with Tealizzy. White2tea is impossible to split.

Dexter said

OMGsrsly and I were splitting boxes. She ordered W2T and I ordered YS Just Pu’erh. The plan was to share/split the boxes so that we both got to try more teas with less volume. We were only planning on doing it for a couple of months. Send the packages on to the other person then think about doing it again once we’ve tried everything (got caught up). W2T is not a good box to be splitting. Some of their offerings are really small samples of expensive teas – one box had a pu’erh pick in it (can’t share teaware). I think sharing/splitting a subscription is possible if you can find the right partner to do it with and if you find the right plans. :)

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Cwyn said

I think a straight up swap is the way to go. If it were me I’d keep a list of tea I want and then see what can be obtained on a swap and purchase samples of rest from the tea company.

But… I want everything, even the teas I don’t want; you know?

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Ubacat said

I tried to get others to join me when I wanted a Yunnan Sourcing subscription. I ended up joining on my own . tried the raw puerh one first, the switched to Jade. I did about 3 months and then my teas were accumulating too much so discontinued.

Of course I am in Canada so that wouldn’t work for you.
Dexter said

Yep – that’s exactly my feelings on the YS subscription. It’s just too much tea. Would be good if you could find someone local with the same interests to split with. :)

Ubacat said

That would be great. Even better someone with opposite tastes to mine ( I like all the lighter teas). I am definitely up for trying a lot of different YS teas. Hey, can’t wait to see what the new Taiwan Sourcing will be like!

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This is all great information. Now I shall search for someone to split Yunnan Sourcing with. Seems to be the best route to go for now.

Hmmm. I have been wanting to subscribe to the YS box for a while. I just have been hesitant because of the crazy size. If you are still searching, hmu!

This is about to happen, I shall PM you.

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