Devilish said

Problem in adding tea to database

I was trying to add Hazelnut Truffle by Tea Forte to the database, but when I typed “Hazelnut Truffle” as the name of tea, I was told that the name was already taken because there’s a “Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle” by The NecessiTeas out there. It doesn’t really make sense because their names aren’t exactly the same, and they are teas from 2 different companies! Anyway in the end, I had to change the name into “Tea Forte Hazelnut Truffle” so that the database would accept the new tea… could somebody please fix this bug?

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Ricky admin said

Ahh, wait you named it Tea Forte ;)


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Cofftea said

Devilish, Jason can help you. Send him a PM.

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Devilish said

Thanks so much for the replies, Ricky and Cofftea! But guess what, just now I realized the problem was not about adding tea to the database, it’s about looking up tea in the database!! The name “Hazelnut Truffle” had indeed been taken as TeaEqualsBliss had already added it to the database:

But it’s strange that when you search for Hazelnut Truffle in Steepster, the results do not include Hazelnut Truffle by Tea Forte! Nor my “Tea Forte Hazelnut Truffle” is included either. Maybe I should tell Jason about it!

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Janefan said

I think this happened to me too recently — I went to look up Irish Cream and Peppermint Ginger by Timothy’s because someone mentioned them in the Holiday Teas thread. They don’t show up when you use “find a tea,” but if you click Timothy’s in company name you see all their teas and these two are there. Weird…

Seems like a lot of duplicate entries could happen due to this glitch. I use “find a tea” to see if something’s in the database already or not. I guess I should start going directly to that company’s full list (which makes the search tool pointless). I wonder how long it’s been this way, or did it just break recently…?

Example: “Irish cream” search = 17 results, no Timothy’s

Timothy’s full list of teas – Irish Cream is definitely there (bright red wrapper).

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Meghann M said

I had the same thing happen with the new teavana teas I entered. I can’t search for Blackberry Mojito or Assam Breeze, but when I clicked on new teas, and scrolled through, as I know I entered these into the system myself yesterday, I was able to find them. I don’t know what is going on with the search. Hopefully it’s just a work in progress!

Blackberry Mojito search:

Blackberry Mojito under Teavana’s new teas:

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