Curious about Mate

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Grinnyguy said

I have mate in my cupboard – my actual cupboard, not to online one (note to self: add to online cupboard) – and bought it to drink in a gourd through a straw that my sister gave to me. But I can’t make it taste any good.

Really need tips, if you have any: how many leaves? how hot water? how long to brew? does it need something with it to make it bearable? if so, what??

It’s a matter of adjusting your tastes. Wine is kinda nasty at first (or it was when I was young,) but as you drink it over time you grow to appreciate it.

Gourd about half full, water should be pretty hot, if not near boiling. My main tip would be to not quit at your first infusion. Wince through it, then add more water with the same leaves. The bite really dies down as you brew the tea, and once that dies away you began to acknowledge, and learn to enjoy, the other nuances the tisane has to offer.

It’s also recommended to dampen the mate with cool water before you steep it in warm water.

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I’ve had CS’s Morning Thunder…it’s just “ok” but there are certainly better ones out there!

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