What's Your Ritual Contest for Steepsterites!

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twiggles said

my favorite ritual is brewing tea with my 3 year-old daughter. She likes to measure the tea into the pot, and watch as it saturates with color. We usually do this on the weekends. It is a nice way to slow down and share a quiet moment together. I usually let her taste some of the tea, after it has cooled down. She has loved every type she has tried!

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Frolic select said

When I was three my British grandma would make me black tea with milk and sugar every time I went to her house.

I remember one time, and this is fondly recounted by family much to our embarrassment, my two cousins and I striped off our clothes on a hot day and were jumping from couch cushion to cushion that we had placed on the floor. If you missed a cushion the alligators would get you.

Our mothers were busy getting ready to go out and grandma was watching us. While we were running around stark naked she made a pot of tea and called us over to sit and eat biscuits and tea. So there we sat three preschoolers in our birthday suits properly drinking tea.

You can all ways enjoy a cup of tea no matter what the situation is.

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I know the contest us over, but I just wanted to say, “Thank you Aunt Madie.”.

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VeryPisces said

My first teacup was a pretty, small, blue-flowered china mug with a matching lid and infuser. Being my first cup it has sentimental value, but as I came to love loose leaf I realized I needed to see the liqour, bathe my nose in the steam and, on a cool autumn evening, be able to warm both hands on my mug. These days I use a large, plain white ceramic mug with a perfectly fitting ceramic lid and infuser. It doesn’t steal attention from the main attraction: tea!

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