52Teas said

2 Reblends just added to 52Teas - Updated!

Hey Everyone!

I just uploaded three reblends to the website: Pancake Breakfast Black Tea & Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush!

You can check them out here: http://52teas.com/reblend/

These are available in limited quantities – for those of you who have already ordered them via a Kickstarter incentive – don’t worry! Those orders will be shipped soon. (Hopefully by the end of July!)

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Zack S. said

Oooh I’ve wanted to try Graveyard Mist since I first made a Steepster account! Just wondering if you plan on adding a “Quantity remaining” indication to your teas, like the old website had? I like to kind of know my “deadline” for when I should finally place an order before its too late.

52Teas said

Hi Zack!

I don’t know if we even have that ability with the program we’re on right now (we’re using a different ecommerce program and I’m still learning).

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askjsjsdjhdshjds CRAP

I spent like the next couple month’s tea budget at the tea fest and no Marshmalow Genmaicha for me


Everyone, enjoy it for me! Sip in my honor!!

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Jillian said

I’m curious, have you made any significant changes in these blends from Frank’s recipes? Did you use different bases or different flavouring additives?

52Teas said

In most cases the bases are going to be different. The original batch of the Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha was made using a combination of Uji Genmaicha (Matcha infused Genmaicha) and Genmaicha – and all the subsequent reblends were made with just Genmaicha without the Matcha. I brought back the Matcha and used a combination of both types of Genmaicha. I’m also using a different supplier for my Genmaicha.

The base for the Graveyard Mist will be similar, but I’m using a different supplier for the Yun Wu.

I tried to stay as close to the recipes as I could, and I do use the same flavoring supplier in most cases, although there are a few flavorings that I sourced from other places. I spent the time during the Kickstarter Campaigns testing teas and flavorings to find the ones that I was happiest with.

Further, I don’t know that Frank and I blend the same way. I think we’re both self taught and I really don’t know that we taught ourselves the same way to do it. I don’t know that Frank made teas the same way that I do.

52Teas said

And even though it doesn’t apply to any of the current reblends: my black tea base is also different.

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Oh, that genmaicha sounds so good.

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cookies said

Ooooh +1 for the affordable shipping. Can’t wait to try a few blends!

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