I’m sure this topic has been brought up before… But I thought I’d ask again…

I get weekly updates from 52teas, and always come across amazing flavours that they make. However, I have not yet had the chance to order any.

Does anyone recommend anything in general? Any recent blends that anyone has tried that are worth an order?


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Cofftea said

If you are a chocolate and a chai fan, their Mayan Chocolate Chai is a must. If you are a matcha fan (or are a matcha virgin!)- all of his matchas are a must. Not a suggestion, but a request: I’d appreciate it if you’d pick up some apple vanilla white chai. It’s a special blend Frank created for my best friend’s wedding favors and I haven’t tried it yet so I appreciate as many opinions as I can get. Let us know what you decide!

Cofftea said

I have not tried it, but if there is a decaf flavored black out there that’s full of flavor unlike some decafs, it’s gonna be from 52teas, I’d give their decaf black currant black a shot. And I’m ordering the whiskey sour!

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Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately, Chai is the one flavour I can’t handle, so I would have a biased opinion already! Sounds yummy for a chai lover though!

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Lauren – My favorites in the “recent creations” collection that are still available are: Fruit Cocktail, Black Currant Bai Mu Dan and Black Currant Papaya. I haven’t yet tried the Blueberry Zabaglione but I have one on the way. The same is true for their latest creation. In their “permanent collection” I love the Banana Peach and coconut cream pie. I haven’t yet tried their Strawberry Pie Honeybush, either, but have it on the way…
Also on the My Sweet Honeybush website (but not under the “my sweet honeybush” link if you click on the drop down menu on the 52Teas website, so you have to go to the My Sweet Honeybush website at: http://www.mysweethoneybush.com ) I love most of those, but if I were to recommend only one, you MUST try the chocolate malt.

I have enjoyed most of what I tried from 52Teas, but these are the ones that I have tried that are still currently available that I would consider purchasing again.

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Well, I’m pretty sure you weren’t asking me, but I have to tell you some of my favorites anyway: the Black Currant Bai Mu Dan is STUNNING. The Earl Grey Cheesecake. The Shamrock Green Tea. The Monkey Fart Honeybush. The Sheri’s Blend Rooibos. And the You Put The… Green Yerba Mate. There’s a white, black, green, honeybush, rooibos and mate pick for you. Oh, and the Apricot Fusion defies categorization, but it is amazing.

too many options! Thanks :) When’s the white chocolate grasshopper that everyone’s raving about going to be back in stock ;)

Cofftea said

Lauren, it takes a lot for Frank to reblend teas- that’s his business nitch, once they’re gone, they’re gone… but let’s hope this one does come back!

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Kristen said

I just started ordering from 52teas and am VERY impressed… you will not be dissapointed! I really love the Strawberry pie honeybush and white choc grasshopper honeybush. I also enjoyed the apple vanilla white chai. But like I said I am a newbie to the company but so far everything I have purchased I enjoyed! But be warned it is addictive!!!!!!!!!!

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ssajami said

Oh, how very very addictive! I too only discovered these teas recently, and already I can’t see my day without a cup (or three). Of the teas still in stock, I really recommend the Sheri’s Blend Rooibos (which has an amazing smell as well as taste), and the Coconut Creme Pie Black.

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Jaime said

I avoided chais like the plague…but a fellow Steepsterite (Meghann) sent me some of Frank’s cheesecake chais…they are fantastic!! Not too spicy, and blended perfectly. The apple-vanilla white chai is good, too. Monkey Fart is fantastic, and the PBJ rooibos…actually, I just like all of Frank’s blends!

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Lori said

Now that Mayan Chocolate is spicy cayenne hot! So you may want to try the Chocolate Chai. I love the mint teas. It is a mint and vanilla tea combination thas is naturally sweet and smooth. I wish he would bring back the dreamsicle darjeeling but that one is no longer made. And the banana peach and the coconut is quite good.

Oh yes… the Dreamsicle Darjeeling is quite awesome!

Caitlin said

You guys might have already seen this, but … http://steepster.com/discuss/1119-52teas-dreamsicle-darjeeling-swap

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I tend to just go for things that seem to be what I like…oolong, white, and green teas with simple flavors. I really like the apricot fusion and black currant bai mu dan (out of whats in stock right now).

I have yet to try any of the crazy flavors like neopolitan or pb&j…. etc.

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