Yecup - app controlled and self boiling travel tumbler

“Yecup is a high-quality smart mug, which is controlled from your smartphone! You can easily control the temperature of your drink from the app: boil it, keep it warm, see the current temperature of the drink, as well as check the battery state of the cup. You can also charge your phone more than twice a day with the help of a special built-in Battery charger and even take selfies with special Selfie Button on the cup.”

Super cool! I wish it wasn’t so expensive (and a bit more attractive)

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Phi said

Omg! NEED. That is so spiffy!

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LuckyMe said

Very cool concept, but I feel the execution could be better. I love the idea of being able to control the temperature of your drink using your phone but the selfie and phone charging features are kind of silly and put added strain on the battery which only last 3-8 hours.

Right now, this is mostly an advanced thermos. Good for holding brewed tea but not so much for making tea on the go. To be really useful for tea, what I’d like to see are a brewing basket and a tea timer with notification.

Also I wonder if the mug is insulated because the stainless steel exterior would get quite hot otherwise.

Regardless, I think this tumbler solves the biggest obstacle to making tea on the road which is obtaining hot water. This and a portable traveling gaiwan or infuser basket are all you’d need to pack when you go on vacation.

ditto. I think I rather have a cheaper price and be without the phone charger and selfie. I would use it as a portable water boiler mostly.

My phone charge lasts longer than the cup!

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You may ask yourself “Why do I need Yecup?” This is the question of the questions for you? The answer is pure and simple !
Yecup first of all saves your time! You spend hours and nerves on bad quality ugly mugs! Stop changing all the mugs in the market one by one!
What we suggest is an alternative to this! A new approach! We do not need to show off extra pathetic things. We just make what we think will change our life to easier and better side!
We choose what is more convenient and rapid ! Taking selfies and charging your phone are just extra-functions, which are fun and useful !
While the main and most important function of Yecup is Boiling and keeping your drink warm just from the phone! That simple! Press the button→ Boil your drink to desired temperature→ enjoy it!

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Also we’re going to add other useful functions (not like Selfie, it just for fun)
1. Yecup will have water flow sensor so you’ll see on your app how much water you’ve drunk
2 . And the Coolest one :D Yecup will be able to cool your drink ;)

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I’ve been waiting for a portable water heater for years! I hike a lot, so having the option to heat up water on the go to the right temperature would be a huge plus! So pumped!

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