Hippietea said


I just recieved the Zarafina tea maker suite as a gift & Oh my Gosh! It is sooo nice. It has adjustments for the type & strength of the tea along with the option of loose or bagged. I highly reccomend it to anyone whos looking for a quality tea brewer! =]] http://www.zarafina.com/ Does anyone Else have any sort of favourite tea brewers? =]

Peace,Love & Tea ♥

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Cofftea said

The Breville Automatic Tea Maker is VERY popular here!

Hippietea said

oh yes I’ve heard of that one as well, it looks like it would be really good =]

Jaime said

I’m rather fond of my Breville. While the Zarafina is cute, I think the One-Touch has a wider range of options/settings.

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I had the Zarafina and enjoyed it for over a year, and then got the Breville, and prefer that

but the year I had with my Zarafina was marvelous!

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