The people behind the cup. Who are you wonderful tea drinkers?

I’m a 21 year old guy from Australia that grew up in Singapore and Shanghai. I work as a waiter but want to work on creative ideas that excite myself and the team that I collaborate with. I drink tea because I love to have water around my work space, tea simply tastes better, and i’m interested in learning more about the ins and outs of the history and health of this beautiful leaf.

So I am curious, who are you wonderful people and why do you drink tea?

Back Story

I awoke New Years eve in my home town of Adelaide, Australia with no plans for that evenings happenings (one of my favourite nights of the year). It got to just after lunch and I begun to panic. 4 hours later with some coercing from a friend and a rather healthy dose of spontaneity I arrived in Melbourne.

I fell in love with the city and two days later decided to turn this random holiday into a random move. One eventful evening evening in this beautiful city, the girlfriend of a friend of a friend approaches me with what could quite possibly be the best sentence I’ve ever heard. “So I hear you’re looking for a job, I manage a tea house and restaurant, come in tomorrow for a trial.”

We are six months down the road, my love of tea and eagerness to learn about it has gone from a soft 2/10, to a strong 9.

What do I need your help for?

I have always been that entrepreneurial type but always failed because my personal attachment to the idea has been week at the most. Being at a lul in my creative life I thought why not take my love for tea just that little bit further, I am in the research phase of my idea. I know that I love tea, and I can be pretty certain that if you’re on this site you also love tea too.

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I see that you posted this verbatim on the Reddit forum. What is the goal here?

I’m a young guy trying to get a start.I took my time to write a heart felt story that I felt proud of. Figure casting a wide net to get some dialogue going would be smart.

As said in the post I’m doing some initial research to get a better idea about the individuals that drink tea and the reasons behind it. I’m wanting to create something that adds the most value to the tea drinkers of the world, thought getting it from the people themselves would be a nice way to make them a part of the process and hopefully create something they love for its attention to the tea drinker :)

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