Greetings From ChaCeremony

Hello fellow Tea Drinkers!

My name is Marcus Reed and I’d like to introduce myself;
I am the owner of ChaCeremony, a relativity new tea company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I founded this company with a vision to bring high quality, direct sourced tea, to the customer at an affordable price.
I figured it would be best to share my business with the like minded individuals here on Steepster. I came here this site not too long ago via an Instagram friend, and I really enjoy the community feel that this place has.

I’ve got four offerings of Yancha at the moment but looking to expand inventory and products as time allows.
In the following month I know I’ll have at least three new teas for the shop.
A couple Wyui red teas: Xiao Zhong, & Jinjunmei. Along with more oolong varieties.

I will have a limited number of free samples I can send out. Message me for details.

I intended to use this space to update the business and its progress, tell you about the teas I’m tasting/drinking, and I’d like to see this develop into a place we can talk about all things Wyui and yancha related.

It would be rad if you wanted to check out my website; it is

Any questions/comments/feedback I would love to hear. Kinda keeping this open ended so it can be left to naturally unfold. Thanks for your time.

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Welcome! Good luck to your new business!

I’m not sure if this was intentional, but the front page of your website is formatted blog roll style. This makes it a bit confusing and not immediately evident that this is a tea shop website rather than a tea reviewing blog. Maybe an intro page with very prominent links to the teas product pages and smaller ‘about’, ‘cart’ , etc. links along the top would help.

Also, a company about page would go a long way in my opinion. And a reference link somewhere to shipping prices, accepted forms of payment, terms of use, etc. would make your website more legitimate looking.

Yeah… I love the pictures, but I really dislike the website template. It looks like something a student made in a free afternoon. No offense meant.

Yeah that was totally intention, WordPress is a blog style website to begin with.
I am trying to work on the site to make it more user friendly but it takes time! I’ve enlisted the help of someone but they have just begun the process for me.
Thanks for your suggestions I take them to heart.

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AllanK said

Good to see you finally post here. Good luck.

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After seeing this last night I tried to read up a little on Yancha, can anyone educate me on it a little? I didn’t find what seemed to be a good source online.

Since it is grown on Mt. Wyui, it is known as Yancha or simply translated to Rock grown, it possesses a very high mineral content hence its nickname.

Are they always oolongs?

Yes, although the red teas I will have available in the future are grown in the same exact area they are not known as yancha. The term yancha is used exclusively for oolong.

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yssah said

i would like to try some samples Mr Reed. following you :)

yssah said

how many servings in a sample size? and what’s the difference between da hong pao oolong brick and da hong pao loose leaf. are they both aged and oolong?

AllanK said

His website lists samples as 8g or about one gongfu session, perhaps two if you go very light on the tea. That also translates to about one pot full of tea brewed western style.

yssah said

i looked but i guess i missed that haha. thanks AllanK!

A sample size like Allan had mentioned is one serving if you use gongfucha mention with a gaiwan or a yixing pot. The Dahongpao brick is aged but the loose leaf is harvested last spring 2014.

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Nicole said

If I may offer a suggestion – Ecwid is a very easy to set up and use shopping cart that integrates easily with WordPress. I used it for selling admissions and VIP packages to a tea festival recently. Although I’m not a total novice, I’m not exceptionally programming savvy either and it was even easy enough for me to set up. I added it to an already existing WordPress blog site. And up to 10 items is free.

Not that your site looks bad at the moment or anything, just thought I’d mention it since I went nuts trying to set up a store for the festival prior to discovering Ecwid. :)

Always looking for improvement to the site. I’ll check into that plugin. Thank you for the suggestion. Have a wonderful weekend and happy Friday.

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Quick question, is the Dark Roast Rou Gui the same as the sample you sent?

Yes that is correct.

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