Noah said

To A Tea just launched a Kickstarter


I’m with To A Tea, a new site that lets anyone create a custom blend of tea and order it. We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and I thought I’d share it with the Steepster community.

There are many “Early Bird” rewards still available and I’d appreciate all contributions.

Here’s the campaign link:

Comments and feedback are appreciated. If you want to check out what our website will look like, go to:


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I see you have dried jalepeños… would you be willing to use dried ghost peppers so when I drink a cup I can get out of working at my job for an hours after I drank it?


Noah said

Well, if you really wanted to… ;)

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I backed your last kickstarter. I was sad that you didn’t accomplish your goal but it is nice to see you didn’t let that stop you :) I’ll be a backer again. You have a lot of cool add ins. Good luck!

Noah said

Yeah, we were pretty disappointed but decided to keep trying. Thanks for the support!

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