Some Photos of Amazing Taiwanese Tea Farmers


We really wanted to share these photos with the Steepster community because a lot of you have tasted the tea made by these amazing farmers.

The most personally meaningful aspect of working in the tea industry in Taiwan is living here and developing friendships with local tea artisans. Visiting them regularly, learning something new with each meeting, seeing their toils and challenges that change with the seasons. The roots of tea culture are on the farms and in the homes of the farmers. Everything starts with the farmers working their land.

Knowing where the tea comes from and the hard work that goes into creating the finished product is what we are most inspired to share with tea lovers around the world.

These photos are of a handful of dedicated tea farmers that have crafted some our favorite batches of tea (and hopefully some of your favorites too).

I hope these photos will add another level of appreciation and enjoyment to your daily brew!

Hope you enjoy!

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