Ost said

Teas Looking For a New Home- With Cheap Prices, I promise!

Sooo I’m moving in less than a month,like on the 24th and I seriously need to get these teas sold.Or as much as I possibly can.Hence why a lot of them are labeled as free!
My parents(mainly my super non-understanding/caring dad)decided he’s only gonna pay for medical bills and insurance for me right now.I haven’t been able to work for almost a year,and money’s kinda getting tight and my health issues are just getting worse.Like I’m probably gonna have to go on disability this year becuase I’m mostly bed bound :S Not fun!
But anyway,I am trying to save money and mainly just buy essential things that I need this year and things to just help me do pain management stuff.I considered setting up a GoFundMe account but I don’t think anyone would donate.So I figured at least for right now selling teas is the beset way to do it.
Lowered prices on teas I had up before,really hope some of you guys are in the mood to buy some teas-Made a lot of them be free too.Anyway It would be so incredibly helpful to be able to get rid of most of these teas-though not all the Butiki ones-those I just put up to hopefully get more people to buy some cause I need the money even though most of those LE Butiki Teas are some of my favorite.Depending on how much people want they might not be up for too long.But will see.Anywho!
Buyer pays for shipping and I’ll throw in some freebies just like I always do (: I will ship anywhere you want,you just gotta be the one to pay for it.And currently I cannot “hold” any teas for anyone that isn’t ready to pay unless it’s gonna be like less than a week because I tried that and it was a disaster.So just a warning.Like I said I gotta clear out of this house in the next couple weeks,so kinda important-anyway,thanks!
Teas will be posted shortly. Steepster is acting up again…

Celestial Seasonings:
Country Peach Passion(19 tea bags in box) $1.50
Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride (Sealed box of 20 bags) $2.00
Red Velvet (Still in tin, 15 tea bags) $2.00
Mango Lassie (50g minus 2tsp) $4.00
Kiwi’s Big Adventure (25g minus 1tsp) $2.00
Irish Breakfast (25g minus 1tsp) $1.50
Honey Bee (Unopened bag,50g) $4.00
English Breakfast(Unopened sample,0.8g)Free!
Green Passionfruit(1tsp in bag)Free!
Black Cherry(1tsp in bag)Free!
Jumpy Monkey(10g in bag)$0.50
Silk Jasmine(about 6tsp in bag)$0.50
Mother’s Little Helper(3tsp in bag)Free!
Nepal Black(about 4tsp in bag)$0.25
2 Goji Pop Sample bags-Free!
Sweet Apple Cider sample bag-Free!
3 Toasted Walnut sample bags-Free!
Coco Chai Rooibos sample bags-Free!
Lime Gelato sample bag-Free!
Three Wishes- $4.00 (closed,new package)
Snow Day $3.50(Skinny tin,3.5oz minus 2tsp)
Gingerbread Cookie (50g/1.8oz,unopened tin) $4.00
Pineapple Oolong(2.5tsp in bag)$0.10
Love Tea #7(1.5tsp in bag)Free!
Buddha’s Blend Sample Bag-Free!
Assam Banaspaty(1tsp in bag)Free!
Pure Vanilla(3tsp in bag) $0.10
Blueberry Jam(2.5tsp in bag)$0.10
Buttered Rum(3tsp in bag)$0.10
Happy Kombucha(3tsp in bag)$0.10
Oh Canada!(5tsp in bag)$0.50
Teavana Tea:
CocoCaramel Sea Salt (7tsp) $0.75
Peachberry Jasmine Sutra (2oz minus 8tsp) 3.50
3 Sealed bags of Maharaja Chai Oolong/Samurai Chai Mate w/ Rock Sugar (1oz each) $1.25
Golden Dragon (8 and a half tsp) $2.00
Strawberry Cream (2oz in tin) $3.00
Pineapple Kona Pop (2.4oz sealed in bag, in tin) $4.00
Jade Citrus Mint (1.5oz sealed in bag,in tin)$2.00
Qilan Fired Oolong(2oz minus 2tsp,in original bag)$2.75
Tropical Nut Paradise(about 5tsp in bag)$0.50
Tulsi Original:
Stress Reliving & Energizing Tea (13 tea bags in box) Free!
Genmaicha (4oz minus 5tsp, still in tin) $2.00
White Peach (32 tea bags) $4.00
Decaf Paris (4oz minus 2tsp, in tin) $4.00
Top Ti Quan Yin (4tsp in bag) $0.25
Titanic Blend (3tsp in bag) $0.20
Vanilla Comoro (8tsp in bag) $0.25
Vietnamese Black (about 4tsp in bag) $0.25
vanilla black tea (about 4tsp in bag) Free!
Pomegranate Oolong(1teabag) Free!
Rooibos Chai(1teabag) Free!
Big Raspberry Iced Tea bag-Free!
Caribe sealed sample-Free!
Cranberry Autumn(about 5tsp in bag)$0.25
Boston Blend(about 6tsp in bag) $0.20

Paris Herbal(4oz minus 1tsp in tin)$3.00
Blueberry Green (Sample bag,about 4tsp)$0.50
Paris Sample bag-Free!
2 Decaf Ceylon-Free!
Organic English Breakfast-Free!

No.99 Vanilla Black (10tsp) $1.70
Turning Leaves:
Phoenix Jasmine Pearls (About over an ounce)$0.75
Joseph Wesley Tea Co:
Dian Hong Congfu (8g minus 1tsp) $1.75
Keemum Congfu No.5(about 3tsp in bag)$0.25
Davidson’s Organic Tea:
French Vanilla (96 tea bags) $3.75
Genmaicha Green tea w/roasted rice (20 tea bag set) $0.50
Tea From China:
2015 TieGuanYin Oolong(Vacuum sealed, 5tsp per package, green, floral oolong) $1.25
Hao Cha Oolong (Vaccum sealed, 5tsp per package) $0.75
Qing Xiang Lv Chalv Cha Wang Green Tea (15tsp in bag,or more-depending how much you want-I have a lot)$0.75

Dragon Lychee Pearls(6 pearls in bag) Free!
Imperial Mengku Pure Tree Golden Beeds Black(about 4tsp in bag)$0.50
Jin Xuan Oolong (about 9tsp) $1.25
Sweet Autumn (50g minus 1tsp) $4.00
Pineapple Oolong (5tsp in bag) $0.60
Kiwi (11tsp in bag) $3.00
Banana Chocolate (50g minus 3tsp) $4.00
Ginger&Lemon Myrtle(two tea bags)$0.10per bag
Tokio(three tea bags)$0.10per bag
Muscat Oolong(about 3tsp in bag)$0.10
Rose Royal(2 sealed teabags) Free!
Chocolate & Strawberry Puer(1teabag) Free!
Grapefruit Green(2 sealed teabags)Free!
Diksam,FTGFOP 1(2 sealed teabags)Free!
Golden Honeydew(4.5tsp in bag) $0.50
Yezi Tea:
Fi Yu Chun (1oz minus 2tsp) $3.25
Verdant Tea:
Silver Buds Yabao (1oz minus 2tsp) $3.00
Golden Fleece (15tsp) $2.00
2 Sealed Samples of Mrs.Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell-Free!
Traditional Tieguanyin(about 3tsp in bag)$0.10
Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong(about 8tsp in bag)$0.20
Dark Roast 10 Year Aged Tieguantin(about 5tsp in bag)$0.50
Zhu Rong Yunnan Black(10tsp)$1.00
Aged Traditional Anxi Tieguanyin(1.5tsp in bag)$0.10
Wang Yanxin’s Jin Jun Mei(2tsp in bag)$0.10
Wuyi Mountain Big Red Robe(about 3tsp in bag)$0.10
Summer Harvest Laoshan Green(About 2tsp)Free!

English Breakfast (0.4g, sealed sample) $0.25
Carrot Cake (3.5oz in tin) $4.25
Chamomile Vanilla Bean (15tsp) $2.00
Coconut Truffle(about 4tsp in bag)Free!
Whispering Pines Tea Co.
Mountain Nectar (10tsp) $1.75
Beast Of The East (50g minus 5tsp, still in tin) $2.75
Criss Cross Green tea(5tsp in bag) $0.25
Della Terra Teas:
Almond Biscotti (2oz minus 4tsp) $4.00
Eight Candles (15tsp) $2.25
Blueberry Crumble (15tsp) $2.75
Nutcracker Suite(2tsp)Free!
Assam Second Flush 2014 STGFOP-1 Black (10g minus 1tsp) $0.75
Yunnan Dragon Pearl Black(6 big pearls)$0.50
Cherry Jublee (Sealed sample, maybe 4-5tsp) $0.50
Gingerale White Bai Mu Dan (Sealed sample, maybe 4-5tsp) $0.25
Hindbaersnitter Shou Mei (about 4tsp) $0.25
Eggnog Yunnan (about 4tsp) $0.25
Peaches&Cream Genmaicha (4 and a half tsp) $0.25
Cantaloupe Watermelon (About 3tsp) $0.20
Browncoat Genmaicha(about 5tsp in bag)Free!
Orange Pineapple Honeybush(about 2tsp in bag)Free!
Simple Loose Leaf Tea:
Yunnan Jig Black (8tsp) $0.25
Yunnan Noir Black (Sealed Package, 1/4oz)$0.25
Tavalon Tea:
Darjeeling 1st Flush (1oz) $0.25
American Tea Room:
Grand Yunnan Imperial Black (3tsp) Free!
Vanilla Noir (2oz minus 4tsp) $3.25
Macaroon (1/2oz minus 1tsp) $0.75
Lemoncello (1/2oz minus 1tsp) $0.75
Farmer’s Market Tea:
Lover’s Cup (7tsp in bag) $0.75
Adagio Teas:
Honeybush Apricot (6tsp in bag) $0.10
Sam Winchester(about 5tsp in bag)Free!
Chicago Jazz Mint(About 1oz or over)$1.00

Georgia Tea Co:
Snowflake Black tea (10tsp) $2.00
Zen Tea Life:
Bossa Nova Oolong (5tsp in bag) $0.25
Turtle Mountain Herbs:
Menstrual Tea (1oz) Free!
Award Winning Fragrant Oolong(6tso in tin) $1.75)
Anxi Benshan Oolong(about 3tsp in bag)Free!
Exquisite Tea By The Coffee Roaster:
Sencha Kyoto (17tsp in tin) $1.50
Darjeeling-Castleton Estate First Flush (25tsp in tin) $2.00
Lapsang Souchong (24tsp in tin) $2.00
Disney Wonderland Tea-All sealed sachets:
English Breakfast (4 bags) Free!
Pomegranate (4 bags) Free!
Earl Grey Black (4 bags) Free!
Mad Tea Party Blend (4 bags) $0.25
Dragon Tea House:
Huang Jm Gui Oolong (50g minus 1tsp) $2.75
Lan Gui Ren OOlong (50g minus 1tsp) $1.25
Republic Of Tea:
Double Green Matcha (15 teabags) $1.70
Mrs.Patmore’s Pudding (10teabags) $1.75
Almond Coconut Macroon Rooibos(10teabags)$1.00
Hibiscus Coconut(2 tea bags)-Free!
Art Of Tea:
Banana Dulce Chamomile(10tsp) ($1.80)
Jasmine Ancient Beauty(1oz minus 2tsp,still in tin)$2.00
Summer Rain(1oz minus 3tsp,still in tin)$1.75
Immortal Nectar(2.5oz,sealed,full tin)$2.00
The Persimmon Tree Tea:
Butterscotch (2oz minus 2tsp) $2.75
Bao Zhong(4tsp in bag)Free!
Green Caramel(about 4tsp in bag)Free!
Chocolate Banana(about 2tsp in bag)Free!
Biodynamic Darjeeling(about 4tsp in bag)Free!
Culinary Teas:
Butterscotch Caramel Toffee(15tsp) $2.00
Butiki Teas
Maple Pecan Oolong(Limited Supply)$1.50 for 1 tablespoon
Hello Sweetie (Limited Supply) $2.00 for 2 tablespoons
Caramel Vanilla Assam (Limited Supply)$2.00 for 2 tablespoons
Duke Rolling Thunder(about 6tsp in bag)$2.00
Golden Moon Tea:
Vanilla Jasmine(1oz minus 2tsp) $2.00
Irish Breakfast(1ozminus 1tsp)$1.00
Mint Jasmine(1oz minus 2tsp)$1.50
Stash Tea Co:
Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong(1teabag) Free!

Talbot Teas:
Soho Earl (One sealed tea bag) Free!

Fusion Teas:
Melon Citrus(about 4tsp in bag)$0.15
Pumpkin Rooibos(1oz,sealed bag)$.1.00

Capital Teas:
Irish Rum(5tsp in bag)$0.10

Tippy’s Tea:
Underground Pumpkin(10g minus 1tsp in bag)$0.75
Minted Monkey(25g minus 1tsp)$1.00
Not So Vanilla(Sealed 25g bag)$2.00

Nourished Nerves Chamomile(1.75oz) $1.00

Nina’s Paris:
Je T’Aime(1tsp)Free!

Mariage Freres:
Mousse Au Chocolat(about 2tsp)$0.10

Assam TGFOP1 Black(about 4tsp in bag) $0.10

Tea At Sea:
Da Hong Po(2.5tsp in bag)Free!

Mountain Tea:

Boston Tea Co.
Organic Lemon Honey And Chamomile(about 3tsp)$0.10

Mandala Tea:
Cloud and Mist(about 4tsp)$0.50
Golden Strand(1tsp)Free!
Downy Tips(1.5tsp)Free!

Jasmine Oolong(2tsp in bag)$0.10

Rishi Tea:
Emerald Lily(about 4tsp)Free!

Georgia TeaCo.
Raspberry Mint Herbal(4tsp in bag)Free!

Red Bush Chai(about 1oz in bag) $0.50

Steven Smith Teamaker:
Morning Light(2 Teabags) $0.75
Ice Cream Tea(4 teabags) $1.00

Roasted Oolong Tea(10g minus 1tsp)$0.50

River Tea:
Mulberry White(about 5tsp in bag)$0.50

Candy Apple White(about an ounce in bag)$1.00
Yunnan Sourcing:
Traditional Process Dion Hong Bl of Feng Qing2014(about 5tsp in bag)$0.50
2013 Autumn Golden Needle Dion Hong Yunnan(about 5tsp in bag)$0.50
2013 Spring Feng Qing Gold Needle Yunnan Dion Hong(about 3tsp inbag)$0.25
Feng Qing Gold Tips Pure Bud(about5tsp in bag)$0.50
Imperial Mojiang Golden Bud Yunnan Black Autumn 2013(about 6tsp in bag)$0.75
Black Gold BiLouChun Spring 2014(1.5tsp in bag)Free!
Feng Qing Classic 58 Dian Hong Premium Yunnan black(1.5tsp in bag)Free!
High Mountain Red Ai Lao Spring 2014(1tsp in bag)Free!
Yunnan Black Gold spring 2014(1.5tsp in bag)Free!
Imperial Feng Qing Dian Hong Black Tea of Yunnan Spring 2014(2tsp)$0.10
Fegqing Gold Needle Yunnan Dian Hong Black(about 5tsp in bag)$0.75
Spring 2013 Premium Grade Jin Jun Mei Fujian Black Tea of Wu Yi Shan (about 4tsp)$0.75

Superfine Tan Yang Gongfu Black(6tsp in bag)$0.75
Fengqing Dragon Pearl(10 big pearls)$0.75
Sealed sample-Superfine Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong$0.20
Sealed sample-Organic Superfine Keemun Fragrant Black $0.25
Sealed Sample-White Peony(Bai MuDan)$0.10
Sealed Sample-Superfine Taiwan Moderately-Roasted Dong Ding Oolong$0.25
Sealed Sample-Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong$0.10
Sealed Sample-Premium Tan Yang Gong Fu Black$0.25
2 Sealed Samples-Superfine Keemun Mao Feng Black$0.25
2 Sealed Samples-Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong Ancient Wild Tree Black$0.25
Peach Jasmine Pearls(about 2tsp)$0.10
Opened Sample missing 1tsp-Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe Wuyi Rock Oolong$0.20
(ALSO:These samples have 3-4tsp in them,just in case anyone was wondering)

Golden Tips Tea:
Sungma Darjeeling(about 3tsp left)Free!
Arya Ruby Darjeeling(about 3tsp left)Free!

Tea At the Gallery:
Chamomile(Like 2oz or over in bag) $0.50

That’s it for now! (: Hit me up if you wanna buy anything or have any questions! :D

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For you, for Steepster members, and for companies who read this:
Please make wise choices when it comes to shipping. As someone who dislikes paying a lot for shipping, I know the feeling. I also ship many packages a month so I had to figure out how to ship. The answer is simple: USPS 1st class. This option sends up to 13 ounces within a package. On average I pay between $2.04 to $3.85 for 3ounce to 9ounce packages.
^ Go there and make sure to choose first-class when you click it.

Not only does this save money, it saves a trip to the post office!

P.S. I’ll fight over the Butiki.

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TeaNTees said

I’ll be interested in the Butiki Apricot Guayusa $3, The RoT Maple Pecan .50, the Tao Tea Leaf Golden Yunnan Black $4, and the sample of Verdant Laoshan Black .25
Are they still available? Thank you!

Ost said

Okay, I will message you soon. All but the Butiki tea is available. Liquid Proust messaged me at the first sign of Butiki teas being available and requested them all. But the other ones are available. (: So just give me a little time and I’ll message you (sorry if it takes a bit of time, my health issues are bad today. But this is my top priority!)

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Hillel said

Well well. You’ve got several things I’d like to peruse. If they’re still available, please put me down for:
Tippy’s: Midday Flight
Tea From China: 2015 TieGuanYin Oolong, Hao Cha Oolong
Verdant: Laoshan Black
Whispering Pines: Silver Snail
Zen Tea Life: Shui Hsien oolong
Joseph Wesley: Bai Lin Congfu

I’ve followed you, so you can PM me with mailing and payment details. Thanks for passing these on!

Ost said

Hey there! All of those are available. As long as you are talking about the Laoshan Black that isn’t a sample because someone already requested the sample. But if it’s the other then that’s available.
So you got dibs on that. Btw, I have more than just one of the Hao Cha Oolong and 2015 TGY-do you just want one of each? Well you can answer here or in the message I send you! Will do it soon. Thanks (:

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May I call dibs on the DAVIDsTEA Honey Bee, and 52Teas Coconut French Toast? I’ll also take your Harney and Sons vanilla black freebie as well :)

Ost said

Those are available to you. I followed you, but you need to follow me back so I can message you (:

Wonderful; followed you back! :D

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yssah said

following you for

Buddha’s Blend (mini tin, 22g minus 2tsp) $1.50
Movie Night (14tsp, in tin) 2.00
Forever Nuts (Sealed Sample) Free!
Republic Of Tea:
Maple Pecan(5 tea bags in ziplock) $0.50

Butiki Teas:
1tsp of Baked Ali Shan Oolong-Free!
2003 Reserve Four Seasons Oolong (4tsp) $0.75

Verdant Tea
Laoshan Black (19tsp in bag) $4.00

Whispering Pines Tea Co.
Huang Zhi Xiang Phoenix Mountain Oolong (4tsp in bag)-Free!

Thurbo Darjeeling (10g minus 1tsp) $0.25

Genmaicha (3tsp) Free!

Lemon Meringue Mao Zheng Hair Needle (14g minus 1tsp) $0.50

Simple Loose Leaf Tea:
Hazelnut Honeybush Herbal (1/4oz) $0.30

Upton Teas:
Namping 2nd Flush Darjeeling (closed sample) Free!

Capital Teas LTD:
Ceylon Golden Garden Estate (4tsp in bag) $0.25

Zen Tea Life:
Shui Hsien Oolong (About 3oz in tin) $3.80

Dragon Tea House:
Lan Gui Ren OOlong (50g, sealed package) $1.50

TeaNTees said

I’m sorry but I already claimed the Maple Pecan she had available in the second reply to this thread. That is, unless you had previously arranged something with Ost. If so, please disregard. Thank you! :)

yssah said

oh, sorry dear! i didnt note that haha. its ok, Ost’s got it all figured out haha

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kimquat said

If no one has claimed it, I would love to have the Coconut French Toast. (:

Ost said

Someone already asked for it, but if she happens to not want it then I’ll PM you about it. (:

kimquat said

Oops, I missed that. Thanks!

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I’ll take the Tao of tea Assams, the Persimmon Assam, and Tevanas Black Dragon Pearls. Thanks!

Ost said

Those are available! sorry I haven’t been on this weekend-had a lot going on. But I’m back now! I’ll send you a message soon. Again,sorry for the delay! Hope you’re still interested!

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Ost said

Updated 8/14. When I can I plan on adding even more to this list, but for now this is what I have available.

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Hey, Ost! I was wondering what was going on with you a couple days ago. Glad to see you’re still on Steepster. I’m interested in some things! I’ll also send you a message.
What-cha Yunnan Dragon Pearl Black(6 big pearls)$0.50
Cherry Jublee (Sealed sample, maybe 4-5tsp) $0.50
Eggnog Yunnan (about 4tsp) $0.25
Cantaloupe Watermelon (About 3tsp) $0.20
Yunnan Sourcing – Black Gold BiLouChun Spring 2014(1.5tsp in bag)Free!
Yunnan Sourcing – Yunnan Black Gold spring 2014(1.5tsp in bag)Free!
Sealed sample-Superfine Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong$0.20
Sealed sample-Organic Superfine Keemun Fragrant Black $0.25
Sealed Sample-White Peony(Bai MuDan)$0.10
Sealed Sample-Premium Tan Yang Gong Fu Black$0.25
2 Sealed Samples-Superfine Keemun Mao Feng Black$0.25
2 Sealed Samples-Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong Ancient Wild Tree Black$0.25
Golden Tips Tea:Arya Ruby Darjeeling(about 3tsp left)Free!

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mrmopar said

Ost can you follow me I need to message you.

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