yssah said

anybody up for a Kusmi groupbuy?

got the rue lala deal but it is so hard to choose and i would like to join one if anybody is up to hosting :) the host gets to keep the tins if s/he wants them

other benefits of groupbuy: save on shipping, taste more teas, free 8oz tin if orders reach more than 90$ (more tea!)

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Zack S. said

I’m interested in Caramel, Violette, Smokey Earl Grey, and Samovar. They come in 4oz tins and that’s just too much for me.. I’d prefer to receive 1oz (or less) of each if that can be coordinated!

yssah said

those sound interesting, i would like those too. and maybe the Earl Grey Polish blend N°20 that marzipan mentioned in the sale thread?

yssah said

hm, looks like it might just be us Zack. i would still like to split the caramel, violette, and smokey. not quite daring enough for more than an oz or less of samovar. following you :)

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