Casting Call for 2016 Southern Boy Teas Sweet-TEA Girls Pin-up Calendar and Talent Pageant

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sren said

Frank, this is a very creative idea, and I wish you great success… but a pin-up calendar and talent event where the first listed preferred talent is burlesque?

Burlesque draws crowds. It’s just a fact. We have a vibrant burlesque community in Wichita (believe it or not) and I think the prohibition-era theme of our party lends itself nicely to that. Of course, I also want singers, dancers and other talent that would be appropriate to that era.

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Jillian said

Wait, so you “win” the chance to be in a calendar and get a $50 gift certificate, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity? Maybe I’m missing something, but there seems to be an implication that Frank is cheaply hiring someone for ridiculously little compensation to provide the content for s product he’ll profit off of. That doesn’t sound very body-positive to me.

I’m really not looking to profit from the event. I just want to expose more people to our iced teas. I understand your cynicism. I’m not that kind of businessman though. The ladies we talked too said that they would be happy just to be involved and to get a free photo shoot with Aleycia (she’s kind of a big deal here in Wichita; she’ll do their hair and makeup and take some great pics). But I’m not sure how that is not body-positive.

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Fly me out there and I’ll strike poses that are not even known to man yet… never-mind, y’all ain’t ready for this.


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