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A Question - please take a moment to respond!

Greetings everyone!

My daughter and I are currently discussing the 12 Teas of Christmas tradition that Frank started several years ago.

We aren’t sure if this is something that is going to be lucrative for us, so we want to get everyone’s input. We want to hear the good and the bad!

So, here are my questions: Should we continue the 12 Teas of Christmas?

If we do continue this tradition, would you buy a 12 Teas of Christmas box this year?

If we do continue this tradition, I want to make it clear that the price would be higher than it was last year because we are using more expensive (and better quality) teas now. Last year, the boxes sold for $29 for the first box and $34 for the second box. If we decided to continue this tradition, we’d need to raise the prices to compensate for the better quality teas. We are still in discussion on the price point, but it would be higher. Would that be a deal breaker for you?

Finally, we would probably promote our boxes on Kickstarter or a similar platform rather than the website. Would you be opposed to us utilizing a platform such as this to sell our Christmas boxes?

Please, let me know what you think. We are going to base our decisions based on the feedback we get from you and on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/52Teas/387005081487458

Thank you for your time!

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52Teas said

I want to add, currently we are selling our taster size (1/2 ounce pouches) for $4 each. These boxes would contain 12 taster pouches, which has a value of $48. We wouldn’t be going that high, so you would still be getting a better deal for the 12. The price would fall somewhere in between the $29 and the $48.

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Zack S. said

Whether or not I purchase this will depend on what teas you plan to include. I assume you’ll be drawing from past blends, and that they will be un-announced as to which are inside?

52Teas said

I think I might keep it pretty close the the way it’s been done in the past, where the first 11 are teas from the past year, the most popular teas of the last year (I’ll probably do a poll) and then the 12th tea will be the Christmas week tea. I think we’ll do it similarly – I’m not sure if we can do the ‘rub off’ label or not, that’s something Amethyst and I will need to discuss. But I think the secret part of it is one of the things that made it fun.

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I think it would be more fun to have just some Christmas inspired teas instead of re blends from the past year(s) or the 12 days of Christmas surprise.

52Teas said

That’s another good idea. :)

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Uniquity said

I participated in this one years (3 or 4 years ago) and enjoyed it but knew I wouldn’t do it again. At the time it was much cheaper ($15?) and an opportunity to try out a variety of teas that were available for re-purchase. The factors that led to me not doing it again might be specific to me, but at least it’s feedback!

-Didn’t like the teas (too many ingredients I didn’t like and the bases were not great)
-Shipping to Canada was a pain (got there late)
-I like picking my own tea (related to pickiness of ingredients).
-Christmas was too busy a time and the teas came late so I was behind on trying them and missed out on the group experience. After that the samples languished.
-Unlike most Steepsterites, I hate buying samples. The amount wasn’t really enough for two tries, but it was too much for one.

Now I would especially not consider it as the price is (for me) too high even before considering the exchange rate or shipping.

I think your idea of doing it kickstarter style is a good one. It seems like a lot of work and you would want a good return on the investment to go ahead with it.

EDIT: I just did some math. I think of my tea in grams, and with the above range I’m looking at $8.50 – $14 USD for 50 grams. That is the high end of my price range, especially for flavoured teas (because I don’t enjoy them as much as unflavoured, not because they are inferior). I would pay that for a tea I KNOW I love, but not regularly. Add in the exchange rate and Canadians are looking at $11 – $18 CAD for 50 grams (unless the exchange magically improves). That is just too much for me. Especially since I wouldn’t really be buying 50 grams, I’d be buying a total of 170. And there would be shipping costs that I haven’t factored in.

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It’s kinda early for this, but I like mint black teas. (Peppermint bark and such.)

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I’ve had one of those boxes for the last 3 years, it became a tradition for me to get them since not many places ship things like that to UK. However, last years Christmas box contained sooo many flavours that left me thinking ‘How is that Christmas like?’ and it just ruined it. I vowed not to get another one this year because of that. BUT since it has changed hands I consider all bets are off, so should the opportunity arise for a Christmas box this year I may very well consider it. I wouldn’t mind paying more for an increase in quality but would still have to work out if it’s worth it considering the shipping to UK as well.

So it’s not a yes nor a no, but more of an ‘interested in seeing what happens’ scenario. Though I must say I understood why Frank did it as a Kickstarter last year and that didn’t put me off.

Uniquity said

That’s a good point. Maybe I subconsciously wanted the teas to be somehow Christmas related. My favourite 52Teas tea ever was actually Gingerbread something or other from one of the Christmas ones. Spice/citrus/mint/juniper (to be pine-like) make sense.

I admit that I too wanted ‘special’ Christmas themed tea on my box. The previous years had a nice enough selection (even if they were not too my taste) but the last box felt like it was rushed and was basically trying to get rid of ingredients left over. In many ways I wish I didn’t bother buying it. For example: I remember there being Candy Corn Black Tea blend and a few pumpkin blends in the box, felt more like Halloween than Christmas. Plus I couldn’t have the Candy Corn once since I’m vegetarian. :(

I liked the Smaug blend (lots of cinnamon) and the Apple Cardamom blend, thought they were a ‘different’ take on Christmas tea in general.

So yes I suppose I’m saying I would like Christmas themed tea in the box if possible, even if it’s a ‘unique’ take on Christmas. Or even examples of Christmas around the world, seeing as Australia is hot during the festive season so perhaps a fruit punch, compared to England which is cold (oh so cold) and something like warming mint.

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I want to thank you all for your input.

My daughter and I have been talking a little bit and I’ve been thinking A LOT and I don’t know that I’m all that gung ho about doing a batch of 11 more reblends given that I’m near the finish line of doing 15 from the Kickstarter campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving what I’m doing, but it’s a lot of tea to have in stock at one time and I don’t know that I want to do that to myself again.

We do plan on doing something special for Christmas, but, I am very much in agreement with some of the others that have said “it wasn’t very Christmas-y” with the previous boxes. I did the box for a couple of years (maybe even three years) and then I switched to someone else’s Christmas special because as a subscriber, I was getting the same teas and I was already familiar with those. I felt like I wanted the 12 teas to be something different, something Christmas-y and the idea of coming up with 12 teas for Christmas is a little daunting, to say the least. Perhaps in a few years when I’m really feeling that I’ve got this thing down. Ha ha!

I’m still weighing the idea of doing it as a Kickstarter Campaign – because there will be a significant investment involved in buying the equipment. We shall see on that – after a lot more discussion with the boss.

52Teas said

oops … meant to respond as 52Teas. Sorry.

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Jillian said

I personally enjoyed it, but it was also pretty annoying that I always got it late because I’m up in Canada and there’s always major shipping delays during the holiday season (and winter in general).

52Teas said

Yes, and I totally understand that frustration. That’s another reason why I’m rethinking doing the 12 Teas of Christmas because while I think I’ll have no problem coming up with a few special Christmas blends and offering those as our Christmas lineup … reblending 11 teas and then the Christmas tea for the 12th day by the beginning of November so that I can get those teas out in time for everyone to receive their package in a timely manner – that’s a daunting task. I think that the idea is very fun, but, for now, I think I am liking better the idea of having some special VIT Christmas blends that are available only at the holiday season.

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In my personal opinion, I think that doing simple Holiday-themed teas is enough. I missed out on all of Frank’s 12 days of Christmas campaigns, but from what I hear they didn’t perform well. It is a lot for you to take on too! I say stick to the festive weekly blends, perhaps with a special holiday bundle with cute wrappings as gifts?

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Orange zest is a dealbreaker ingredient, so if there’s orange/spice or other orange flavoring in an assortment, I’ll skip the purchase entirely.

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