Going to Quebec; rec any good tea places for me?

Tried looking for tea rooms and shops in Quebec under Places and I guess none have been added thus far… I can’t imagine there is nothing in the way of (hopefully loose leaf) tea shops in Quebec! (Heck, there are at least two DavidsTeas that I’m aware of!) I’m a first time visitor, and I would love to bring back some teas and wares. Can any natives or previous visitors direct me toward some good tea shops and tea rooms? :)


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Sil select said

Quebec city? or Quebec the province (in which case a narrower area will help).

Quebec City, and historical Quebec.

Sil select said

i’ll give it some thought, most of the shops i’m aware of are in montreal.

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yyz said

Camellia sinensis has a shop in Quebec cityhttp://camellia-sinensis.com/en/visit-us#

As well this place looks like it could be interesting at least for the straight Teas. http://www.sebz.ca/en/

I haven’t been to either. I haven’t been to Quebec city for a long time.

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Patricia said

Yes, I also recommend Camellia Sinensis. The quality of their teas is amazing and people there really know their stuff.

You can also go to Monsieur T, they only have shops in Quebec City.

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