Dhamma said

Best Sencha?

What is your favorite brand/type of Sencha?

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I haven’t compared many companies, Den’s Tea is my favorite thus far.
Are you looking for Fukamushi (deep steamed?) or regular Sencha?

Cofftea said

Ditto. I much prefer Japanese sencha over Chinese.

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Dhamma said

I’ve not tried Fukamushi, to my knowledge.

Fukamushi is quite good, but you have to really drink it fast, as it looses its freshness very fast and the taste difference is noticeable (it’s not bad when it’s old, just has far less flavor).

What made you ask that question about Senchas…what were you looking for in particular?

Dhamma said

Just a good Sencha recommendation, I’ve tried ito en, maeda-en, den’s tea, and yama moto yama. I’m looking to try some more, as I have not found one I really love yet.

I’ve tried only Maeda-en’s Shincha, which was pretty good, but I’ve yet to try their regular sencha offering. Honestly, I get the impression that Yamamotoyama (I’ve had 2 of their senchas) is more on the cheap end of things.

From personal experience, I recommend Den’s Fukamushi Sencha Yame or Sencha Zuiko.

It looks like people here on Steepster really like O-cha’s Kagoshima Sencha Yutaka Midori or Sae Midori, but I’ve never had either one.

On the expensive side I had a sample (only) of American Tea Room’s Honyama Sencha ($24 for 2oz!). It was really good, but again, everything ATR has is on the (in my opinion) overly expensive side.

Confetti said

O-cha’s Kagoshima Sencha Yutaka Midori or Sae Midori + +

bendalina said

A week ago my young cousin coming back from Tokyo,just as I asked her before her departure,she brought me a very good Sencha but it’s written in japanese therefore I cannot understand the brand and the type of Sencha. Until know here I have found Sencha long leaves but this is minced leaves and is nuch nore tasty than Sencha I sually buy. Someone knows tghe differences between them? Thanks

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Oh Cha! said

Fukamushi refers to a deep-steamed sencha.
Chumushi refers to a medium steam.
Asamushi refers to a light steam.
Just in FYI! :)

Sencha Sakura is a magnificent fukamushi. I recommend Samovar. (Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom.)

Rishi’s Organic Sencha is a favourite chumushi of mine. It’s complex and vegetal but not at all fishy which is of course key in finding a quality Sencha.

Might I add, I think Samovar’s Sencha Sakura is the same as Rishi’s, except Rishi’s is a lot cheaper (only $11 for 50g, as opposed to Samovar’s which is $30!!!)… (you can tell they are the same, because the list of ingredients is exactly the same)

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Bowman said

In my opinion, it’s hard to beat O-cha. Right now I’m having their Yutaka Midori fukamushi sencha. It’s unbelievably wonderful!

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Serenity said

Thank you for this thread; I’m going shopping for Sencha soon so perfect timing.

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I love sencha so much, but I don’t have a favorite yet!

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LuckyMe said

I too am a fan of O-Cha and their organic deep steamed Asatsuyu has so far been my favorite sencha. It had a great vegetal flavor and wasn’t too astringent or weak. That was the batch I received though. The flavor of Japanese green teas can vary from season to season depending on weather and growing conditions. My last couple of teas from O-Cha were good but not great so this time I decided to give Yukki-Cha a try. They carry all organic Japanese green teas and I’ve been quite pleased with the gyokuro I received.

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Rich select said

I have bought a few from yuki-cha and they have been quite good.

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Serenity said

I just impulse bought some loose Sencha at my local Whole Foods, it was in bulk, in a small glass cannister…unfortunately it does not taste that great, it is missing that Sencha magic. At least I only bought a little sample’s worth. ONward!

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Jason admin said

I’m a big fan of tea wing’s Sencha Jou: http://steepster.com/teas/tea-wing/35957-sencha-jou

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