Why do you drink tea?

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LeafJoy said

I always drank tea growing up. My parents would made a pot every morning and it was just the best way to warm up on a cold morning. I started seriously drinking tea several years ago when I decided to try weaning myself off of my coffee habit.

I tend not to add milk or sugar to any of my teas so it’s a much healthier drink than just about everything else that’s out there. Plus I never really get bored of it, since there are so many different varieties to try and complexity to the flavors. Tea is awesome!

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Beckara said

I used to drink much too much coffee. I’d find myself awake in the middle of the night, I’d be tense, my stomach would be upset, but I was addicted! So, for Lent this year (I’m not really a practicing Catholic, or anything of the sort, but my grandmother is and I’m very close with her so I tend to pay attention to the holidays and do things like this) I decided to give up coffee along with all the other things that I have to give up, like alcohol (except on St. Patrick’s day. Really. It’s in the ‘Lent’ rules!). It was during this time, actually, that I stumbled upon David’s Tea for the first time at a suggestion of a friend who’d been to the one in Toronto.

After Easter, I was all excited to drink coffee again, but…honestly I really didn’t like the taste. I was only drinking it doused with milk and sugar for the ‘benefits’ of caffeine. I’d already discovered some great teas, like David’s Irish Cream and Love Tea # 7 that I liked a whole lot more than I did coffee…and so eventually I just gave up on coffee entirely, and I really feel healthier for it. No more stomach upset or trouble sleeping.

Besides taste and variety, the other reason I drink tea is because I like the ‘ritual’ associated with it. I like putting a kettle on, spooning out the leaves and playing with steep times to get a flavour I really enjoy.

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Simple said

Drinking Tea is a healthy habit. Good for your health, social & mental aspects. It helps bring a gentle euphoria that stimulates deep thought’s and conversations. It expands your awareness of other cultures and traditions. It’s very sharable. Tea = Good Energy. That’s why I drink it.

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I have always loved tea but the moment tea really clicked with me was on a trip to Chicago in 2005. In 2005, my sister moved to Chicago from the Southern CA area. Except for the weight I gained from our non-stop eating…my first trip to Chicago was incredible! I fell in love with the feel of the city. There were two places in particular, a spice shop and a tea shop, that I absolutely adored. What started out as a wonderful hobby of sipping tea and building a meal around a specific spice soon turned into a passion. A passion of finding quality teas, spices and herbs and sharing them with people that, like me, love chatting with girlfriends over tea or laughing with family over an incredible meal. I am also a tried and true tree hugger so I tend to sway towards fair trade and organic teas when I can get them.

Cofftea said

I agree, especially organic… they taste better!

aww I am that sister in Chicago she went to visit :) There are so many things in this world that we eat and drink without realizing the environmential or socio political impact of them. I appreciate knowing that my tea, something so natural and delicious, is also good for the planet!

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