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…organic pillowcase?

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Mmmmm, dryer lint notes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfB0Vcft7uA is what I think will happen if we throw a whole tong in the dryer.

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I think this weekend I am going to tumble dry a pu-erh cake.

Video up on Monday.

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AJ said

I… I’m assuming he’s going for some home-made version of the unorthodox drum withering process (a modern withering process meant to streamline and speed up withering times), although I’ll point out right now if he doesn’t have that on tumble-dry only, the heat alone will cause case-hardening before he even gets to the firing stage. I suppose the lava rock is meant to begin the rolling/leaf distortion early, but he says he’s already rolled it (and it looks it).

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Kaylee said

So how did that experiment work out, LP?

I would never put any tea in my dryer ___

I’m pretty sure that it has scents from dyer sheets and extra fabric softer.

AllanK said

You could always buy a new dryer then use it only for tea.

Cwyn said

Find a Nesco roaster, this is a unique one because the heating elements are along the sides and not the bottom of the roaster pan, allowing the heat to circulate rather than cook on the bottom only. And then you can also roast a turkey in it for Thanksgiving.

Forget that! If Jones Soda can make a Turkey and Gravy soda… I can make a turkey and gravy tea!

Get ready world, I shall be the Wonka of tea :p


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