Holiday Specials

Ha ha. Bet you thought I was going to announce some, didn’tcha?

Actually, I just wanted to ask you guys what kind of specials might intrigue you. In the past, we’ve done some cool things with custom labels—like putting your family’s holiday photo on one pouches of tea to give away as gifts. While I think these kinds of things are the ultimate in cool, they have historically received a lukewarm reception.

We could create some tea newbie kits or maybe a selection of samples from our bestsellers… What do you think?

Looking forward to your input —Frank

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As cool as the personalized label thing is, the problem I see with it is that most of the people I give gifts to don’t appreciate tea the way I do.

I think that the tea newbie kit is a great idea especially for the type of people I just described, as is the sample selection.

As for me though, since the only person I really buy tea for now is myself and since I’m not blending my own – I would just love to see new, exciting blends (and this isn’t difficult for you, I know), and good deals… like the buy 3 or 4, get 1 free type of thing.

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Jen said

I vote for a selection of samples from your bestsellers!

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Frolic select said

A selection of best sellers sounds like a great gift.

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Meghann M said

A selection of bestselling samples sounds like a good thing. I have a few friends and co workers that could go to. Special holiday blends might be nice too…You blend so well!

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Jaime said

I’m all for a selection of the bestselling samplers as well as some holiday blends.

I’m planning on asking for a subscription for myself for the family to pitch in and get me as a Christmas present. Perhaps a special cool card/certificate that will hopefully end up in my stocking that tells me I’ll be getting new tea all year long?

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Frolic select said

gift certificates perhaps?

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I like the bestsellers kits and would 100% buy that for a ton of people once I know what’s in it and how much. Of course presentation too.

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I would love to try a bunch of your best sellers in sample sizes, go for it!

As far as packaging, why don’t you just dress up as Santa Claus, take a picture of yourself blending teas, and use that? (Jk!)

I want to sell our teas, not give people nightmares!

We had a picture of my former helper, Chelsea in a Santa costume, scooping and packaging the teas last year…

Oh no, no more Chelsea? I am assuming because there is no more tea shop.

Ricky admin said

No more Chelsea for a while. Frank scared her away.

No Chelsea quit on me back in May. I’m apparently a cruel and overbearing boss. That, or she’s a fickle 19-year-old who’s still learning responsibility. It was one of those things, anyway.

Brian said

That sucks, that would have been such a cool job, and she took it for granted >:(

Cofftea said

I agree Brian. I would have relocated for that job!

Brian said

same here, Frank if you want two workers, just provide plane tickets! you can pay us in tea! XD

To be fair, I can be a terrible grumpy boss. When I’ve been working my tail off for almost four years without a single paycheck, and I was paying her to stand around and flirt with the customers, it made me a little sore.

Well, here’s a cheers to a paycheck for you this year (I hope!). Go small business!

Yes, I think now that I’ve reduced my overhead, there are blue skies ahead.

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Brian said

I agree with Shinobicha, I would be all up for a sampler kit, and would probably buy a couple for others too! Maybe a Christmas blend kit too :O (Gingerbread rooibos sounded awesome, but Gingerbread black=possible epic win)

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Kristen said

I would purchase a tea newbie kit as well as a bunch of sampler sizes. They would make some great gifts! (and a great way to advertise 52teas!) I would love to see some Christmas blends… bring on the candy canes!

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