Homemade tea blends

My love for tea turned into an obsession 3 years ago and I finally decided on doing a blog page dedicated to tea. And boy am I loving the experience. Every day is such a big learning experience.

I really am looking to create some good homemade blends using organic ingredients. The one thing I am struggling with is both flavour and fragrance. How safe is the use of essences in tea and also does it affect the shelf life of the tea?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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I make my own blends (mostly a simple earl grey, or a breakfast tea from darjeeling & ceylon & assam), so I am no expert.

shelf life of any flavoured tea is less than any non-flavoured tea..
you can add herbs and spices, but when you want to mix tea with essence (bergamot, vanilla, etc.) I think you have to make sure it is food grade.

Thanks for your reply :) You’re right. A lot of research and experimentation required in using essences.
It’s quiet difficult to source organic herbs, spices and flowers as well as at economical rates. So currently scavenging the net for the same.

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