Should I have pots set aside for specific types of tea?

I realize that this primarily applies to Yixing Pots, but does it also apply to say, a Korean porcelain tea cup? The two I have are very similar to Gaiwans, and they have porcelain clay tea strainers with a lid on top. Are they strong enough to handle different types of teas, and therefore, different flavors? And does this same principle also apply to clay tea pots?

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I don’t think that it applies to things made of porcelain because it isn’t porous.

The reason clay tea pots sometimes use only one type of tea is because they accumulate some components throughout many brewingsa and it starts to taste different.

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yyz said

You don’t have to have different pots or cups for different Teas outside of what Ricardo stated above. However you may find different vessels work better with different Teas. Green Teas and white and some Oolong’s do better in thinner porcelain or glass pots that don’t retain the heat and you may even want to keep the lid off while steeping whereas black’s, most Puerh, many darker Oolong’s do better in thicker walled vessels, both for the heat retention and to protect your fingers. Gaiwans, and the vessel you describe tend to be pretty adaptable.

Cool, thank you!

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boychik said

If your gaiwan ( probably shiboridashi right?) is glazed inside you can brew any tea in it. Sometimes shibo is unglazed so I would use one type of tea only

Yep, it’s glazed on the inside. Thank you!

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