Cooking with Tea

We have been exploring and finding new recipes for cooking with our range of teas. Follow the link to see the few recipes we have found:

Tell us your recipe that we can try and add to our blog.


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LuckyMe said

The other day I made panna cotta by combining two of my favorite flavors: matcha and mint. Used this recipe as a guideline: I cooked the cream, milk, and sugar with a handful of fresh mint leaves and then let steep for about 15 minutes before adding the green tea. Made for a really refreshing dessert on a hot summer day.

I’m excited to try your chai spiced hot chocolate recipe. Tea and chocolate is a killer combination.

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I like to use smokier teas to make a broth to cook rice and pasta in, for pretty much all occasions.

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Nicole said

This is my absolute favorite cake recipe. Chocolate & Earl Grey. These links are to my website, feel free to use the recipe if you want – I don’t “own” any of the recipes on my site. :)

And one for truffles. The recipe uses Earl Grey but I have also used Jasmine and they were lovely.

I have also made creme brulee and steeped teas in the cream. Usually I have used fruit flavored teas but chai would also work well. I’m not sure about greens or whites though. Seems like delicate flavors might be overwhelmed by all the cream and eggs.

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When making rice:
Take 1/3 of the water you were going to use to use for the rice and steep a dark tea in it for 10 minutes. Mix that water with the normal water and continue.



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