Doug F said

Steepster ratings

I’m really perplexed about the genesis of these “steepster” scores which can create unfortunate biases against certain teas. I just added a new tea from Taiwan Sourcing, reviewed it and gave it a 94. When I looked at the page minutes later, a mysterious 81 appeared next to my score of 94, even though I’m the only person who rated it. ?

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Uniquity said

This is the explanation behind the Steepster rating system. It doesn’t simple average posted numberical ratings, which is why a tea with few ratings (even at 100%) can have a much lower score than a popular tea with many varied ratings. It is to prevent “gaming” the system.

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Doug F said

I guess I buy the explanation for a tea that has been rated multiple times, but it’s still weird that a tea rated once at 94 can have a steepster rating of 81.

Thanks for the link!

Uniquity said

Oh, the system has plenty of critics! I just wanted to explain so it made marginally more sense. :)

Dr Jim said

It works the other way too. A single rating of 50 would result in a rating of about 79. It appears that 80 is the “golden mean”.

AJ said

The reason ratings are weighted even when there’s only one, is to prevent floods of single-rating 100’s to the “Best Teas” section. It prevents bots and less-than-moral tea companies from rigging the system with a few 100’s. Just like how the Best Teas page itself’s highest rating right now is only 91 (lower than your 94!), which a few teas have, and those teas are further sorted by number of tasting notes.

It aint perfect, but.

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mrmopar said

I quit rating a while back and just let people see the flavor notes I get.

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Besides, all of Sanne tea’s teas are not available now on Steepster now… is weird. I can’t find a place to edit it…:(

You can’t edit them. You need to email someone at Steepster with a link to your buy page next to a link to the Steepster listing. They will change the availability.

Thanks! Hope they will change it soon.

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Cwyn said

Thanks for the link. The problem though is that all tea rating variables are qualitative and subjective, not quantitative. Bayesian inference requires large populations parameters as a basic assumption which we never have in tea tasting for any tea, and Bayesian inference requires 0,1 binomial variables, which are success/failure, yes/no and not a range of possible outcomes.

I think most people here know to ignore the ratings and use the reviews as a guide for shopping.

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