Dr Jim said

Puerh Travelling Tea Box - Round 3 Finished

Update 9/13/15:Good news bad news:

White2Tea and Essence of Tea have both offered samples for the box. This is really exciting, but the down-side is that we need to wait another week or two until I get the packages from Asia. I plan to close the box for sign-ups. We have 12 participants, including me, which seems like a good number. The list in order is given below. I expect to start the box in 1-2 weeks. If your place on the schedule conflicts with your schedule, let me know and I’ll try to make an adjustment.

Haveteawilltravel NY
Grill NY
AllanK NY (Moved from lower on list)
Liquid Proust OH
Yssah CA
Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl CA
Tperez FL
Curlygc NC
kieblera5 VA
Rich NY
Dr Jim MA

The rules have changed a bit. Please read them.
1. Take as much of each tea as you want. EXCEPT: there is a limit of 5 grams of any of the Essence of Tea or White2Tea teas for each person. I want to ensure everyone gets to try the samples from those vendors.
2. Replace what you take in equal quantities by weight. Please try to add where you bought the tea. All Menghai Dayi may have been created equal, but storage matters. Don’t put more than about 1 oz of any one tea in the box. You don’t need a lot of variety; we get that by having a lot of people on the list. Adding only one or 2 teas is OK as long as the weight is the same. Try to maintain the quality level as well.
3. Please post your additions plus any teas that you finished off to this topic, so others can track the contents.
4. Only puerh tea, and no flavored teas (No exceptions: no one wanted the flavored teas in previous cycles so I removed them from the box).
5. Try to send the box on to the next person within a week to ten days.
6. Try to wrap the teas well. There’s been a lot of discussion about packing for TTBs elsewhere on Steepster, and the consensus is that thin baggies don’t seal well enough. Heavier gauge ziplock seems okay but the consensus is that foil is best. I have added a second layer of packaging to separate shou from sheng plus small packages for smokey sheng.
7. When you receive the box: PM the next person on the list to ensure they are ready. You can get their address in advance, but please don’t skip this step. Boxes have gone missing due to summer vacation, moves, etc.
8. Mail via 2nd-day mail and get a tracking number. In general, a single-rate box is NOT the best option. Please replace the box if it’s getting beaten up.
9. When you mail the box, PM me and the person you are sending it to with the tracking number. Also post to the thread the fact that the box has been mailed, along with a list of what you’ve added and what you tried. Mention if you took the last sample.
10. I hope you will write reviews. Reviews are REQUIRED for the Essence of Tea and White 2 Tea samples. Please be good about the reviews. They are a pay-back for vendors who have been kind enough to donate tea for the box.

Sorry for all the small print. I will post again when I send out the box.
Dr. Jim

Previous round: http://steepster.com/discuss/11013-sheng-and-shou-ttb-round-2-finished

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Dr Jim said

I should have mentioned that the following people have already expressed interest:
kieblera5, Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl, Haveteawilltravel, Yssah

Just confirming that I am interested :)

yes! I can’t wait #puheadsunite

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AllanK said

I would be interested in this round. I did not participate in the first two rounds.

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Grill said

Sign me up please!

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tperez said

I’d love to get in on this round

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curlygc said

I feel like the little kid on the playground asking to hang with the big kids. Can I play?

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Just want to add that I don’t believe I received a single review for the teas I added…but it’s all good :-)

Dr Jim said

C’mon guys. We said we were going to review the tea!

Dr Jim said

It looks like Rich and Kieblera5 did provide reviews, but that still doesn’t reflect well on the rest of us. I’ll post within a couple of days.

Really it’s no worries, just wanted to let you and other retailers know that it might not happen :)

yssah said

It’s nice to keep each other accountable :)

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This sounds awesome but I should probably work on getting a tea weighing scale first.. maybe I’ll ask about other rounds?

And does someone know where I can get a nice/cheap scale?

Dr Jim said

Amazon has a bunch for under $10.

Yes and eBay! I got mine off ebay for I think $7 and I’ve had it for probably two years. Haven’t even replaced the battery yet and I use it half a dozen times a day!

Do you know specifically which one that is? A link maybe? :D


Well, I have a scale on the way to me, so I’m interested in joining this round of the tea box if I’m accepted for this round. If not, I needed a tea scale anyway. :D

ETA: I’m in NY and hopefully I have some nice pu-erh to add. It would definitely be more ripened than raw that I would include. I only have a few servings of raw pu-erh in the cupboards.

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I’ll send my application in.

I can send you a video of what I’d add since my cupboard is quite outdated.

Dr Jim said

I’ve seen your reviews. You’re good.

Pu’erh Frisbee is going to finally start making more friends!!!
Not sure how everyone feels about this… but I have put the following aside:
2006 roasted oolong (compressed cake)
2014 TGY (compressed cake)
2010 dao hong pao
1980 hand picked alishan
2005 cassia twigs loose ripe

and I’m having a very hard time deciding if I should be generous enough to put some 1989 tea urching oolong in there…
I will keep it to pu’erh as requested.

Jim, I saw your recent comment: Let me know if I shouldn’t put aside aged oolongs for this ttb

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Rich select said

I’d like to participate.

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Dr Jim said

Just to let people know, I’m planning to leave this open for a few more days. I’m not contacting people other than to follow them so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. No one else has either.

curlygc said

I know my comment might have been interpreted as a joke, but I was serious, I would like to participate. If don’t make the cut this time ‘round, I’ll try again next time though.

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