nycoma said

online orders

im pretty new to ordering online, what are some recommended sites? I’ve ordered from silk road, mandala, and whispering pines.. im looking into yunnan sourcing usa atm. who has good pu-er selection with samples? i live in bc canada so if you know how long shipping takes let me know.

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Since you’re in Canada:
Not only is their selection rather decent, the presentation is beautiful with great customer service :)

Yunnan Sourcing will probably be the best bet for selection and price though… but as you said, shipping is no fun.

Also, the 5-for-5 deal is a must for anyone who hasn’t ordered from Verdant.

nycoma said

thanks. youre right thats an impressive site; and its based in canada? for yunnan sourcing usa how long do you think shipping to canada can take, a couple weeks? ill look into verdant.

nycoma said

im also looking at crimson lotus. arent they based in seattle?

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Grill said

White2tea, Crimson Lotus,, yunnan sourcing, chawangshop, Essence of Tea, Tea Urchin, Houde off the top of my head. Here is a good list that has all these and more

jschergen said

+1 to those recs. From what I’ve had/read, I think you’ll run into more consistency issues with ebay vendors and the Chinese Tea Shop (unless you can visit in person).

Those listed above should give you a decent experience with a higher hit ratio.

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Dexter said
If you live in – or visit – Vancouver, The Chinese Tea Shop is amazing. They have an online store, but the hospitality was fantastic when I was there earlier in the year. Worth a visit.

Dexter said

I also recommend Yunnan Sourcing (I use the China site – greater selection – shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks) and Crimson Lotus. Also Streetshop88 and Berylleb on
ebay – at least I’ve had good experiences with them.
Verdant is great – love their black tea, but not as much puerh as some of the other sites. As suggested their 5 for 5 deal is great – check them out if you are interested in more than just puerh.
If you are looking for more than just puerh – Teavivre is another good Chinese option.

second for Chinese Tea Shop. I was there last Friday and spent 3 hours in shop sampling pu’er. Daniel is the best!

AllanK said

Definitely recommend Yunnan Sourcing, Crimson Lotus, Streetshop88 and Berylleb.

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nycoma said

i live in north van so i will make a trip to the chinese tea shop. thanks for all the recommendations.

AJ said

If you do, and still have time, I’d walk over to Treasure Green as well. Not as well-known, but still a great place. What I love about the independent tea industry in Vancouver, is it’s all very connected. (Ten Ren is also between the two shops, though I haven’t been there myself).

Also O5, which is easy to get to via the UBC buses. Lastly, Cultivate Tea, which doesn’t sell through their website, is (almost) brand new, and is a very nice little shop by ShakTea.

Actually, one more: Oollo Tea. Online shop, but also sold/partnered with a few little independent grocers. Specializes in Taiwanese teas.

Wait, sorry, I’m bad at keeping lists short. JusTea is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in ethically sourced Kenyan tea. They sell online, but is also found in some markets around Vancouver. Donald’s Market and Nesters Market mostly. (Do-Matcha and Domo-Matcha [not affiliated with each other, confusing, I know] are two Canadian matcha companies that can also be found online and in the above two grocers).

Editeditedit: Also Teaave, which is Vancouver-based but sell online only, and specializes in oolongs.

I didn’t have a great experience at Treasure Green so I’m not keen on recommending them. Mostly about not selling samples and the sales person I dealt with had little knowledge of their own teas.

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Katiek said

I’ve mainly used this site for flavored teas, so I’m not sure how it would work for your preferences, but I’ve always enjoyed Zen Tea, plus I believe it’s Canada based so that may help with shipping costs.

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nycoma said

awesome guys! wasn’t aware of all the tea shops in van. just heard about O5 yesterday, i think i will pay a visit there as well as some others.

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