Green Sencha Tuochas

So I was searching around for an entry level sheng tuochas to provide as swaps for people who haven’t had much experience with puerh when I came across this weird item:

I decided to purchase it because I thought they labeled it wrong, but once it came in I realized after drinking it that it really is compressed sencha.

I bought two bags which leaves me with 150+ grams of this tea that I’d like to swap with.

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I wonder if that would be a good one for me. How was it?

Very much like a Chinese sencha; subtle tea with a major emphasis on vegetable notes and a small side note of sweet.The only issue is that you need to help this guy break up when you steep it because it was pressed pretty well.

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AllanK said

You seem to come up with some interesting and different teas. I suppose you can compress any tea. In my recent order to Yunnan Sourcing for the black tea sale I bought a compressed black tea cake, why not sencha?

My rent to live online is a fraction of a physical location so I decided to just live there for the time being :p

So far I have had some Dian Hong, Silver Needle, TieGuanYin (roasted and unroasted ed), Wuyi, DPH, puerh buds, ripe puerh, raw puerh, and now sencha…

I am on the hunt for compressed Japanese tea, compressed lapsang, and other random compressed teas. They are fun :)

Oops… I have had two compressed Japanese teas, I meant cake form.

AllanK said

Fengyuan teashop on EBay has some unusual compressed teas including Jinjunmei.

AllanK said

I have 50g of the 1988 tea, I could send you a sample. I haven’t actually tried it yet and have my doubts if it is really from 1988 but bought it anyway.

AllanK said

I’ve been thinking of buying the Jinjunmei cake for a while. I see it is on sale.

Okay okay… I tried :P

Anyways, when you get my package I would enjoy some of the mysterious 88’ loose :)

@ $2 an ounce for the Jin cake… I’ll pick it up next Thursday for sure and send some your way as a thank you for enabling a purchase I didn’t know I would make.

AllanK said

I think the sale will be over by then. I would love a sample when you get it. That is if I don’t break down and buy it myself. How bad can it be?

Let me know, if you’re willing I’ll pay $6 for about 80ish grams or I can send you an equivalent amount of compressed sencha!

AllanK said

I haven’t decided yet if I will buy it but if I do sure.

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Ever had compressed tea flowers? I have a cake of it and a cake of compressed purple bud yabao, two aliexpress finds that are just quirky yet tasty

AllanK said

The compressed tea flowers are interesting. They have an unusual taste. Yunnan Sourcing used to sell one.

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