hniu said

Preheating the vessel before puerh brewing

What is the point of preheating the gaiwan/pot before putting the tea inside, if you are going to double rinse it with hot water anyway? I usually just warm the cups and chahai with the rinse water and then start brewing. Am I missing something?


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awilsondc said

It’s probably one of the least necessary steps IMO, and I rarely do it, but try this: pre heat the tea pot, put the tea inside and close it for a few seconds or a minute… take the lid off and take a whiff. Smells pretty amazing! I think the whole idea of a lot of these steps is to maintain water temperature from kettle to cup. If the energy of the water is going towards heating the tea pot and cups then less is going into the tea. I think that’s the idea at least.

ZhenTea said

+1. It releases the aroma by pre-heat the vessel. More importantly, it prevent the quick drop of water temp when brewing, which ultimate affects the taste of the liquor.

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I personally do this for all teas as a way to experience the dry leaf aroma and I also find that it “steams” pu and helps open it up.

LuckyMe said

Ditto here. Although I drink oolong, not puerh, I do the same for the reason you cited. It intensifies the aroma of the dry leaf.

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Dr Jim said

I don’t pre-heat, but am careful to use a thin-wall gaiwan or glass teapot that has relatively low thermal mass so as not to draw too much heat from the tea.

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Brian said

yep. i do for a dry leaf aroma test.

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