Mysterious Search of Great Inexpensive Gold (dianhong)

Daylon R Thomas and I were having a conversation about an everyday dianhong tea which turned into me agreeing to research companies, reviews, and pricing to create a mysterious package of dianhongs to try.

This will be open to three additional people. I’m not sure what the actual price will be, but each person will pay a flat $15 (I’ll cover anything over).

The minimum will be 5 different dianhongs with a minimum total of 50g.

Each tea will be listed with a letter on the package and I will include a letter inside that has what is what… but I would advise that each person just embraces each one without anything know :)

P.S. for anyone who has information on quality of this tea please advise us :)

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AllanK said

Yunnan Sourcing has a cheaper Dian Hong brick. I bought it recently but haven’t tried it yet.

A bit more information: We were talking about how great Whispering Pines dianhong was, but that it is too pricey to be an everyday type of tea. For me, WP’s has been the best and will more than likely stay that way, but I want something that isn’t as reserved so the best way to do so is to look at high quality dianhong that would be priced to be an everyday breakfast tea :)

AllanK said

Is Whispering Pines Dian Hong no longer available?

It is… like I was saying, I’m looking for one to be like my morning coffee (an every morning drink) and at $10.35 an ounce I would end up spending about $20 a week on just that one tea. It’s quite typical for me to use 5g (3 steeps) before work and then 5g (4 steeps) during the first few hours at work so I go through 60-75g of any given tea I use for the mornings.

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AllanK said

The Dragon Tea House cake really looks good.

It does… but with no samples I would have to buy the whole thing which I might do to include in these packages but I will not say because each of the teas will remain a mystery until the person who is drinking it wants to look at the letter I put together .

stock man said

wich one, the golden or the other (the cheap one) @Allank

AllanK said

I am giving some thought to buying that Dragon Tea House cake myself. I have a $15 credit to use at the moment.


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Seven Cups 2014 Dian Hong was really nice and its on sale right now:

I will remember them for future mystery packages I put together. I already have this one figured out :)

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