Phi said

Three Teas To Try Before You Die- A Dia De Los Muertos Blind Taste Swap

What you will get: 3 Mystery Teas (to be revealed by your partner after you post your tasting notes in this thread. I think this will be interesting to compare to write ups and reviews of those teas).

What you will send: 3 teas (single serving/ sample), labeled 1, 2 and 3. Unusual, remarkable or otherwise note worthy teas are what this swap is all about. We are all about novel experiences and/or making interesting blind tasting notes. These should be labeled with a brewing method. These should be received by your partner by Nov. 1st.

Who you should be: Someone who checks Steepster enough to reply to this thread multiple times during the course of this swap. Also have a way to brew western as well as gongfu (or a commitment to get a basic gaiwan this month). I should be able to see a post or review history spanning back a couple of months or recognize you as a chat regular.

If you are interested reply to this thread (and follow me if you haven’t already so we can PM and I can collect your address and give you your partner’s) with:

1) Your State/ Country

2) The most unusual tea you’ve ever had

3) A category of teas you’ve been wanting to delve more into or curious about

4) Whether you are open to ship internationally (these should be pretty light packages).

5) Any allergies/ types of tea on your blacklist

Just throwing this out there as an idea… let me know if you are interested and if at least a few people sign up I’ll get this together! I’m honestly curious to see how people would react to flavors that aren’t in their everyday cup without knowing what to expect. Also I wanted to combine the best of mystery samples with knowing wtf it is so you can get more/ more like it.

That being said… these aren’t Harry Potter Jellybeans… so keep away from vomit and earwax flavors. The aim is pleasant surprises.

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AllanK said

I like this idea except I’d never be able to pick three teas out of my entire collection.

Phi said

Well who you get as a match would likely help narrow this a bit! I always stalk people’s previous reviews or posts a bit before I make up a package. Then it’s all “OMG they love x flavor, I know the perfect tea for that!”

Also 3 isn’t strict… It’s just a min number that seemed enough to get some variety to the game but not enough that shipping would be $$$.

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Milky Way, Earth, North America, USA, Ohio
Batabatacha (unusual in a good way)
Teas that have gone through time travel (recently found out this is possible)
Most likely
Lemongrass, chamomile, and cherries are a no go.

I forgot to ask this: When would this be?

Phi said

Received by Nov 1st… so I will probably match people by Oct 1st- should give enough time.

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Kayla select said

Very fun, just the excuse I need to finally put me over the edge as far as buying a gaiwan!

1) Michigan
2) I haven’t had too many unusual teas, I tried one that was called Pineapple upside down cake.
3) I am curious about everything still. I want to get more into fun things like Oolongs and Pu-erh as well as unflavored green.
4) Sure
5) No food allergies but I do not like coconut or mushrooms.

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1. Canada (Saskatchewan)
2. Hmm… Any of the Numi savory teas, or the Maple Bacon from 52Teas?
3. I’m slowly trying to ease myself into the world of Pu’erh
4. Absolutely
5. Mushrooms/kombucha are both no goes for me (allergies).

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1) CT, USA
2) Fake mead by Liquid Proust- very cool!
3) Hojicha, golden monkey, anything/all smoky
4) Yes!
5) I am not a fan of mushrooms.

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