Jasmine anyone? FREE!

Ive got 3 ounces of an unopened pkg of Jasmine tea to the first person who wants it. I got it at a Vietnamese store and really just wanted the tin it came in. PM me if yu want it or want to trade for something.

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yssah said

now im curious what the tin looks like. lol. i still have a lot of jasmine, otherwise i would’ve jumped on this.

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AllanK said

Some of the tins from the Asian market are cool, problem usually is that the tea itself is substandard in quality. I suggest you break open the tea and try drinking it. It will be a learning experience. You can find good tea at the Asian market but it is hit or miss and you can’t buy samples.

A good example would be looking for a pu’erh cake that sat there for years because Americans (for the most part) have no idea what pu’erh is as they think “why are they selling old wrapped up hay?”
But… maybe you shouldn’t play frisbee with it like I did :/

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Skysamurai said

I think we all want to see the tin hha

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The tin is a pretty cool electric blue. I don’t like jasmine tea…at least I don’t think I do. HATE the smell!

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