It's Oktoberfest Time Again!

Enjoy a fresh tin of our seasonal Oktoberfest Blend for a limited time:

It’s a malty blend of 100% black tea with no added flavors.

Our Steepster pals have spoken:

“Lots of flavors on the tongue, smoke, leather, tobacco, pie crust, and a hint of citrus. Blew my mind. This tea blend, if it becomes available again, is the perfect gift for my close knit tea friends as well as myself.”

“Leather and malty wood, all brewed up in the most glorious color.”

“This is quite delicious and interesting blend that compliments the season perfectly.”

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Sil select said

if i was out of this, i’d be buying another this tea!

Drink faster! Schnell!

Sil select said

i know right!?! Might just be an excuse for me to get a second tin and finally get black sunshine! gasp

cookies said

I had to pick up 3 tins. And I only have you to blame, Sil, for sending me a sample last year!

Sil select said

mwahahahaha not sorry :)

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keychange said

Stop stop! I can’t handle this. I don’t need more tea.
Except I do.

Is shipping to Canada absurd?

Dexter said

Depends on what you consider absurd? I was looking last night – to my address two tins was 14.50 and three were 17.85. I didn’t buy…. :)

Yeaaaah. Two tins to the US isn’t much better. $11.55. But three doesn’t seem to impact the price.

keychange said

Ah yeah that’s tough. I also want to see if they’ll have a holiday blend this year. And it’s even harder when you convert back into Canadian.

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