Amazing glass Tumbler.

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Order your tumbler direct from China via Dragon Tea House on eBay. Prices here include economy shipping. SS screen filters, not too fine, but more durable. The info says steep 3 times, which i guess means invert and back thrice. This would cool the tea just a bit more (prob inconsequential?) but would give better leaf exposure. SAL (economy) things take a few weeks to get to Texas. New Year’s presents, anyone? OR, ordered now, airmail would normally make it to me well before the 25th. Holiday season, it’s a nice gamble to be able to make … :)

Forty-five bucks gets the 8oz glass model, i reckon steep chamber at 3oz:

For $70, get the 12oz stainless steel vacuum model, steep chamber abt 4oz:

I’d save up & get the steel (harder to break) one, so these old hands wont shake with fear every time turn over. I’m no shill, btw, i just like to shop. I have vicariously purchased many fine items. =D

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Or do a little legwork and go straight to the Manufacture and get them Wholesale. But you will need to share them with friends, minimum order between 1000-2000 pieces. ;)

Lol! I almost thought about getting that for the shop, but even that quantity is too much for us! -EWH

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noordelijk said

This is amazing! So you don’t have to throw out your leaves but you also don’t have to keep them steeping – genius!!!

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