Tealux has changed it's name to Tealyra

I’m currently writing a blog review for a Tealux tea and went onto their website for links and information. Needless to say I was a bit stunned to see the website is now calling itself Tealyra and announcing the end of Tealux via what looks like a take over in the head office hence the random and sudden name change.

ATTENTION to New and Repeated Customers: We would like to inform you that since October 2015 TEALUX Company for some reason changes its name to TEALYRA. Our online store at www.tealux.co.uk is no longer available. We appreciate your new orders at www.tealyra.co.uk. TEALYRA still belongs to Tealux Inc. Company and nothing changes with regards to the core competences of the company. We remain loyal to our roots and at the high level of product quality. The general business terms, sales and delivery conditions as the address and contact data remain unchanged. Please use our new company name in all correspondence from now on. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at [email protected]”.

A little odd but just letting other tea fans know of the change, especially since I thought it could have been hacked. I get the newsletter and did not see an announcement about name change. Oh well, wonder if we need to change the Steepster names now for the entries from Tealux to Tealyra?

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Strange…I noticed the name change about 3-4 months ago. They just announced it?

Yeah it has been a while since I heard it too.

cookies said

They changed the US store a while ago, but the rest of the stores were still Tealux. Made it confusing when adding teas to the database…

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It certainly looks that way. On the front page is states that the name change took place in October and all of the links have now been changed. Officially Tealux no longer exists. There is just something a little odd about it….or perhaps I’m thinking too much of it.

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yyz said

They still go by tealux in Canada.

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AllanK said

Even six or eight months ago when I tried to go to tealux.com I was redirected to Tealrya.

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Perhaps there was just a delay in the name change for the Europe and UK site? It even says on the website the name change was from October. Still it seems like a big delay in the change over here.

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yeah! it took a year to completely change our name for all directions… it is not easy process :( Now, everything goes under tealyra. Tealyra still belongs to Tealux Inc located in Canada. We just change the name, the rest is same. So, no worries – if you are the fun of Tealux, you will not regret to use our new name!

As well as we have a big update – we have run a completely new website storefront. It looks much better now; tons of new features were added.

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