Aged Oolong Sampler Group Buy, Update 10-30-15

For months I have been looking at all kinds of aged oolongs and preparing my orders with patience, but I never thought about including others in on it. Then I remembered my experience with the Tea Urchin group buy, however this is somewhat different…

This is happening, I though I might get 4 or 5 people… but it looks like I’m going to cap this @ 15 people total due to overall price being around $496 upfront on my end for the amount. The max has been put to 20 participates.

1986 Tung Ting
2006 Anxi TieGuanYin
1996 Ze Shong
2008 Roasted Anxi in Bitter Melon
2005 DaHongPao
2009 Shui Xian
1986 Lishan
2003 Green Heart
2006 Benshan
1988 Ginseng
3g 1975 Wenshan Baozhong
9 Year Old Da Hong Pao

Participates (bold committed, nonbold not yet)
Liquid Proust paid / shipped
Tperez paid /shipped
curlygc paid /shipped
Ag paid/ shipped
Rich paid /shipped
Red Fennekin paid / shipped
rasseruz paid /shipped
AllanK paid/ shipped
Kayla paid / shipped
Zack S. paid / shipped
Oolong Owl paid / shipped
Cookies paid /shipped
Dr Jim paid /shipped
Flyawaybirdie paid /shipped
Haveteawilltravel paid/shipped
TeaExplorer paid/ shipped
adagio breeze
T ching paid /shipped
Marzipan paid/ shipped

Running Total
Tea Urchin, $110
Tea Trekker, $122
ChaWang, $125
What Cha, $64
Surprises (in total) $65
Total 10/16/15 $486
Budget $620, left $134

Prepay US = $35
Prepay outside of US = $40 (I’ll cover anything over for shipping)

Everything will be bought over the course of 8 weeks (4 pay checks) with the final numbers appearing around December. Most likely I will package these in ZBG01K from

312 Replies

I’ve been searching for some quality properly stored aged oolong. I would be very interested in this; however, I’m only looking for oolong with at least 30yrs on it.

Those are a bit harder to find :/
In the list I have thus far there are only 2, but Tea Urchin has one from 86’ and 89’ to which many can attest that their storage is fabulous. Tea Trekker also has one from 86’ as well.
I am not to big into yancha so that’s why they seem to be missing.

I’m having a lot of trouble tacking some down. Taiwan sourcing had some, but they are sold out. Also, Essence of Tea had some, but they are also sold out…

I watch TS sell out… however, due to the cost of their 1976 it was going to not happen for me. Let me know if that 1980 Alishan ends up decent that I sent you; if I didn’t send you some, oops.

I was really happy that you sent it! Ill let you know what I think. :)

I’m taking a tea class, and we happened to do a section on aged oolongs today. They said 15 years is considered fully mature. Is there a reason you want 30+?

you add the huing shui I’m in :D

I recently had 30yr aged Dong Ding, and it was by far the best brew I’ve ever had. I am know in the process of hunting the session. I might not ever find it, but I can try…

@ the price it cost… that is something I cannot do.

I’ll pick that up on my own :) I’ll still jump in though. I’d be interested in the 86 TGY

So you’re jumping in for one tea or for the whole thing?

whole thing

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Rich select said

I’d be interested.

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AllanK said

I am curios as well. I can attest to the seller Tea Trekker being good but have not tried their aged oolongs.

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Tempted. The 2013 is too new for me, but the others sound great. has a bunch of aged oolongs (I have 2 in my stash) but the shipping is expensive to the US. I’ll be stopping by in person in late Feb though.

I got that one, it’s cheap but it’s pretty solid and strong flavored. The leaf quality isn’t as good as the pricer ones, but hey price is good!

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Rasseru said

yeah interested. :)

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Kayla select said

These sound tasty and/or interesting. I appreciate the later time line on this as I’ve recently splurged on several things! Please count me in!

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Zack S. said

Aged Oolong sampler? GIMME

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curlygc said


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Well, this was more interest then expected :)

I will go ahead and let loose on my furthering of inquires on the road to aged oolongs. Be on the lookout for an update around November for selection and pricing.

Continue to let me know if you’re interested until November though and if you are withdrawing as well. This will all occur in December or January though considering shipping time and inquiries.

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Im in!

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