The Hobbit

Yes, there is an officially licensed Hobbit tea:

It’s been around for over a year, but I just thought I’d share it with everyone.

Anyone tried it? The teas themselves don’t hold great interest for me; however, I know that the guy who produces the teas does a lot of the growing/ingredients right on his own farm.

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Janefan said

I was just thinking of this yesterday, since someone started a thread about tea/book pairings. and I also just started re-reading The Hobbit!

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Spot52 select said

I love the Hobbit. I wonder if he sells pipe weed too.

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Awww! I like the artwork too. I think all 3 of the teas sound delightful, and I’m a big enough dork to want to sip them as I reread the books and (yearly, each winter holiday) rewatch the films! Thanks for showing us this!

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You’re welcome! :-)

As I said, the teas themselves don’t interest me, but I’m curious about them because of their ‘association’ with the stories.

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Janex:) said

Wow thats really cool thanks :) !!!

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Cool! Now THIS is how I can get my husband more into teas! :) I’ll have to try one and let you guys know what I think…

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I could make better Middle Earth Teas. I mean, really, Gandalf the Grey couldn’t get an Earl Grey blend?

They seem like a small company; maybe you could blend some teas for them? Give them a call!
I think they wanted to make these b/c he is a farmer who grows a lot of the ingredients (mint, etc) thought it would be a great way to sell the teas, so he obtained the license. I don’t remember when I read this story, but anyway, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

YES – Frank, you should totally get involved, especially if he is a farmer who grows his own ingredients… I am seeing lots of good PR here (of course, as a journalist/writer, that’s how I think!) :)

We would all love more Middle-earth themed teas!

Here is the article I read some time ago:

Frank you should make your own series of LOTR tea.

He would have to apply for a license with the Saul Zaentz Co. who owns the LotR and Hobbit licenses. Unfortunately, they don’t give licenses out to anyone who asks; it is a difficult application/legal process, and most likely expensive too. Also, because they have already given a license for one tea company to use the Hobbit name, they probably wouldn’t give out another. I’ve read their website about the licensing process, and it sounds like they want to give them to companies/products who are adding something new to the market of things under the LotR/Hobbit license. In other words, if someone beat you to it, it’s unlikely you’ll have the same chance. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try!

Reading the article about how the guy obtained the license, it sounds like they (Saul Zaentz Co.) were attracted to the fact that he was running a small enterprise, so that could help.

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Elyse said

hehe that’s funny.

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